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Winter Trip to Tokyo, Japan: 4 Nights and 5 Days in 2018

I had the opportunity to visit Tokyo for four nights and five days from February 24 to 28 in 2018. Although Japan is geographically close, I had never visited before. This trip provided a chance to explore the capital city of Japan, Tokyo.

This Tokyo trip was somewhat spontaneous, and due to the lack of proper planning on the go and it being my first trip to Japan, I couldn’t efficiently map out my itinerary. Instead, I adopted a flexible approach, deciding on the places to visit each day based on the weather, circumstances, and personal condition.

“Mixed Emotions from the Tokyo Trip in Japan”

While traveling, I couldn’t help but perceive Tokyo as both ironic and grotesque. The buildings forming the backbone of society were large and spacious, yet the spaces where people lived or conducted business were remarkably small. Looking at Tokyo, it seemed like a country with abundant wealth and a high standard of living, but simultaneously, there was a sense of relative modesty in the daily lives of its citizens.

“Well-Organized Streets and Relatively Few Vehicles”

Comparing Tokyo to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, Tokyo appeared to have fewer cars. This could be attributed to the high cost associated with maintaining a car due to Tokyo’s expensive real estate and the expenses involved in owning a vehicle. Additionally, the streets were neat. In contrast to the numerous parked cars one might find in the narrow alleys of South Korea, Japan strictly enforces garage registration when purchasing a vehicle, and illegal parking is rigorously monitored, resulting in a clean and tidy appearance.

“Pedestrian Signals in Tokyo, Japan”

Another impressive aspect was the pedestrian signals. While pedestrian signals indicating the remaining time for crossing are common in South Korea, in Japan, there were signals that informed pedestrians about the waiting time even when the signal was red. In this regard, Tokyo seemed to be more pedestrian-friendly compared to Seoul.

“Japan Travel Itinerary”

During this 4-night, 5-day trip, I mainly traveled spontaneously. The places I visited each day are outlined below:

“Japan Travel Information”

“February 24, 2018”

“February 25, 2018”

“February 26, 2018”

“February 27, 2018”

“February 28, 2018”


“Relatively Small Portions in Japanese Cuisine”

Japanese cuisine tends to have smaller portions overall. With smaller portions, I found myself having meals more frequently. On the first day, for example, having lunch past 4 p.m. resulted in dinner around 6 p.m.

Even on the last day, after eating Tsukemen, not even an hour passed before heading out for lunch again. Overall, Japanese cuisine, with its relatively small portion sizes, seemed inadequate for the average adult male.

“Diverse Ramen in Japan”

In Japan, you can find a wide variety of ramen. During this trip, I had the opportunity to taste various Japanese ramen, including basic ramen, yuzu-flavored ramen, dipping ramen (tsukemen), and soba noodles mixed with broth (abura soba).

“Significant Differences in Japan’s Lotteria Compared to Korea’s”

As Lotte operates in both South Korea and Japan, Lotteria, a fast-food chain present in both countries, was noticeable. The Lotteria products and services I encountered in Japan were of significantly higher quality than those found in South Korea.

From the chewy ice cream to the shrimp burger with actual whole shrimp, Japan’s Lotteria offered a more satisfying experience. The shrimp burger, unlike its Korean counterpart, contained real, bite-sized shrimp.

Since accommodation costs were not a separate expense on this trip, I could overall minimize travel expenses. However, due to the sudden decision to travel, and booking the flight late, the airfare was relatively expensive at around 500,000 won despite being on Jeju Air. Nonetheless, as other expenses were not significant, I could manage a relatively economical journey.

“Tokyo Trip in Japan”

  • Duration: February 24th – 28th, 2018 (4 nights, 5 days)