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Tokyo Shinagawa Bar “Del Sole”

After exploring various parts of Tokyo, I returned to the Shinagawa area where my accommodation was located. As it was a bit early to go back to the hotel and sleep, I decided to explore a nearby restaurant instead.

“Bar in Tokyo Shinagawa Area: Del Sole”

While there were various restaurants across the shopping district opposite Shinagawa Station, finding one that remained open late proved challenging. Since I had visited “Izakaya EN” the previous night, I opted to try a different place tonight. That’s when I came across “Del Sole,” a bar with outdoor seating that caught my attention.

Considering the pleasantly warm weather in late February, spending time outdoors posed no challenge, so I decided to enjoy the evening outside.

“Simple Snacks and Beer”

Since I had already had dinner, there was no need for a full meal. I ordered a Kirin beer and opted for a simple snack. Choosing from the menu, I settled on an unidentified dish featuring octopus and potatoes, stir-fried to perfection. It proved to be a satisfying accompaniment to the beer.

After sipping on two beers and enjoying the snack, the total bill came to around 2,600 yen, which was approximately 26,000 won— a reasonable cost for a pleasant evening. Thus, in February, I had the opportunity to spend a cozy night outdoors in Tokyo.

“Japan, Tokyo, Shinagawa Del Sole”