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Japanese Convenience Store Egg Sandwich

The food sold in Japanese convenience stores is generally of higher quality compared to convenience stores in Korea. Thanks to this, one can have a delicious meal just by purchasing food from Japanese convenience stores.

Among them, the egg sandwich sold in Japanese convenience stores is particularly popular among Korean travelers. The egg sandwich in Japanese convenience stores receives praise for its rich egg content, despite being a convenience store food.

“As Seen on Battle Trip: Sung Si-kyung and Moon Cheon-shik Introduce the Egg Sandwich”

This aspect was also introduced on the travel-specialized show, Battle Trip. During their visit to Tokyo, Sung Si-kyung and Moon Cheon-shik’s first meal was the convenience store egg sandwich. Sung Si-kyung mentioned that whenever he visits Japan, he always starts with an egg sandwich.

“Seven-Eleven’s Egg Sandwich”

The egg sandwich is available in convenience stores throughout Japan, and among them, the egg sandwich sold at Seven-Eleven is said to be the most delicious. It is noted for having a higher egg content compared to sandwiches sold at other convenience stores.

If you are planning a trip to Japan or are currently traveling in Japan, stopping by a convenience store to try the egg sandwich can enhance your Japanese travel experience.