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Apple Store in Tokyo’s Ginza, a Hub of Technological Elegance

The globally renowned company, Apple, has enticed people worldwide by establishing Apple Stores in major cities. Japan is no exception, with several Apple Stores available. While there are many Apple Stores in Seoul, Japan had them even earlier.

During my visit to Tokyo, there were three Apple Stores – Ginza, Shibuya, and Omotesando. Considering the time elapsed since my trip, more Apple Stores might have opened.

“Japan’s Apple Store, More Affordable Than Korea”

Apple has become a global leader, offering consistent products across the world. However, pricing policies differ by country. Comparing the prices of all Apple products, including the latest iPhone X at the time, purchasing from Japan was significantly more cost-effective than in Korea.

For instance, the iPhone X 256GB in Japan was around 129,800 yen (approximately 1.3 million won), while in Korea, it was sold for 163 million won. Although Korea’s price includes value-added tax, and Japan’s price does not, taking into account tax-free options for foreign visitors, the price difference remained substantial.

“Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo”

The Apple Store in Ginza boasts a substantial four-floor layout. The first and second floors serve as a showroom for Apple products, allowing visitors to freely experience them. The third floor, designed like a theater, screened Apple advertisements during my visit, possibly used for seminars or events. The fourth floor primarily handles device consultations, education, and repairs.

“Chinese Tourists Flocking to Apple Store Ginza”

Among Tokyo’s Apple Stores, the Ginza branch attracts many Chinese tourists who often visit in groups to purchase Apple products, resulting in long queues during peak times. I personally experienced this when deciding to purchase the latest iPhone X during my visit. Just before making my decision, a group of Chinese tourists entered, causing a significant delay in the purchasing process.

Despite the inconvenience, the price advantage and the excellent performance of the iPhone X made it a satisfying purchase. Even after acquiring the “iPhone 14 Pro” in Korea later on, I still use the iPhone X as a reliable secondary device.

“Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo”