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Tokyo’s Luxurious Downtown, Ginza

After exploring Tsukiji Market, I headed to “Ginza,” a place close to Tsukiji known for its luxurious atmosphere, reminiscent of Noryangjin Fish Market and Yeouido in Seoul, South Korea. Both Tsukiji and Ginza share a similar vibe, combining a fish market with upscale surroundings.

Ginza resembles Seoul’s Gangnam or Yeouido, featuring tall buildings, well-maintained streets, and serving as one of Tokyo’s leading commercial and business districts.

“Named After Edo-Era Mint, Ginza”

The name “Ginza” dates back to the Edo period, originating from the location’s history as a mint for producing silver coins. As time passed, the mint moved, and with the arrival of the Meiji era, Ginza transformed into an area with Western-style brick streets, becoming a hub for Western fashion and cuisine.

While Ginza also suffered losses during the bombings of World War II, it underwent reconstruction efforts, leading to its present-day appearance.

“Tokyo’s Prominent Commercial District, Ginza”

Ginza stands as one of Tokyo’s leading commercial districts, resembling Gangnam or Yeouido in South Korea, featuring large shopping malls at every turn. It gives off the impression of being a place where all of Japan’s wealth congregates.

Even Apple Store can be found in Ginza. Just like in South Korea, you can find Apple Stores in various locations in Tokyo, including Ginza and Shibuya.

However, one thing to be cautious about is the frequent visits by large groups of Chinese tourists to the Apple Store in Ginza. It’s common to see them buying iPhones and forming long queues. During my visit, I, too, had to wait in a lengthy line due to the sudden influx of Chinese tourists, making it a time-consuming process to purchase an iPhone.

“Kabuki Theater in Ginza, Kabukiza”

In Ginza, there is a theater called “Kabukiza,” showcasing one of Japan’s traditional performing arts, “Kabuki.” The theater, known as “Kabukiza,” is easily located along a main street. Initially constructed in 1889, it underwent extensive renovations in 2013 due to aging and deterioration issues.

Interestingly, while there is no place to watch Kabuki performances in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, with a name directly related to Kabuki, you can find a Kabuki theater in Ginza that has no apparent connection to the name.

“Tokyu Plaza in Ginza”

Ginza offers various shopping malls, and at Tokyu Plaza, I could go up to the top floor and enjoy the view from the window. On the sixth floor, there was a space to appreciate the scenery outside. Although the cafes and restaurants on the same floor were fully occupied, preventing a short break, I could still enjoy the view from the window.

While walking around, I also noticed people riding Mario Karts. Personally, I wanted to try this experience, but at the time of my visit, I didn’t have an international driver’s license, so I couldn’t participate. Whether it was due to the inability to experience it or not, it seemed that people riding Mario Karts caught my attention more as I traveled from place to place.

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