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Tokyo, the Dual-Faced Station – Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station sits at the heart of Tokyo, often considered the central hub that comes to mind when thinking of the city. Comparable to Seoul Station in South Korea, Tokyo Station, unlike Seoul Station, gives off a distinct feeling of being at the center of Tokyo.

“From Hibiya Park to Tokyo Station…”

On the fourth day of my Tokyo journey, I explored Tsukiji Market, Ginza, and Hibiya Park. Taking a leisurely stroll, I headed towards Tokyo Station. The vicinity of Tokyo Station, being a central area in Tokyo, offered views of various skyscrapers and trains passing through, contributing to the iconic imagery often associated with Japan.

“The Railway Hub of Japan – Tokyo Station”

Tokyo Station holds a central position in Japan, known for its extensive railway connections in a country renowned for its railway system. The station’s sheer scale makes it a considerable area to explore, requiring a significant amount of time to navigate around. Notably, the atmosphere on the west side and east side of Tokyo Station is strikingly different, as if Tokyo Station has two faces.

“Tokyo Station West Side – Marunouchi Entrance”

Viewing Tokyo Station from the west side reveals buildings constructed in a past architectural style, known as the “Marunouchi Entrance.” Designed by the architect Tatsuno Kingo, who also designed the Bank of Korea and Busan Station in South Korea, it was modeled after Amsterdam Central Station. During World War II, Tokyo Station suffered substantial damage, and although the Marunouchi Entrance was restored after bombing, it was re-restored in 2012 to replicate its appearance from the original construction year of 1914.

“Tokyo Station East Side – Yaesu Underground Shopping Mall”

On the east side, Tokyo Station presents an entirely different vibe. While the west side exudes a nostalgic ambiance, the east side embraces a more modern atmosphere. Exiting from the east side leads to an underground shopping mall called “Yaesu.” This area connects to large shopping malls nearby, offering a contrasting experience to the sophisticated west side of Tokyo Station.

“J-POP Dance Groove”

On the day of exploring Tokyo Station, an event named “J-POP Dance Groove” was taking place on the outdoor second floor of Tokyo Station. Though not a grand event, the gathering of people dancing passionately, seemingly amateurs rather than professionals, was impressive. Capturing the energetic dance moves, I took a photo to commemorate the lively atmosphere.

Situated in the heart of Tokyo, Tokyo Station reveals two distinct faces on its west and east sides, showcasing the intriguing duality of this central hub.

“Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo Station”