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Tokyo Shibuya, Alley Restaurant Street “Nonbei Yokocho”

There is a Japanese drama called “Midnight Diner.” Initially starting as a manga, it gained popularity and was later adapted into a drama. It even has a remake in South Korea.

The backdrop of Midnight Diner is a small restaurant near Shinjuku Golden Gai in Tokyo.

“Discovering Many Small Shops in Japan”

In Tokyo, even in bustling areas, you can find alleys filled with small shops. While Shinjuku Golden Gai near Shinjuku is notably similar to the setting of Midnight Diner, you can encounter alleys with small shops elsewhere.

“Shibuya, Alley Packed with Small Shops: Nonbei Yokocho”

In Shibuya, you can find an alley resembling the ambiance of Midnight Diner. It’s called “Nonbei Yokocho.”

Not far from Shibuya Station, it’s a narrow lane where you can discover small shops clustered together, reminiscent of the atmosphere portrayed in Midnight Diner.

While the setting of Midnight Diner is famously located in the somewhat unsafe Kabukicho, Shibuya’s “Nonbei Yokocho” serves as an alternative where you can experience a similar atmosphere.

Not far from Shibuya Station, this alley is easily accessible. Adjacent to the alley, there are railway tracks, adding a romantic touch with the sound of passing trains.

“Tokyo Shibuya, Nonbei Yokocho”

  • Address: 1 Chome-25 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan
  • Operating Hours: (Mon) 16:00 – 05:00, (Tue-Sat) 17:00 – 04:00