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Foods I Ate at Japanese Convenience Stores

I embarked on a trip to Tokyo, Japan. This journey was more of a spontaneous adventure rather than a meticulously planned one. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a time filled with many sights, experiences, and enjoyment.

“Diverse Foods Consumed at Japanese Convenience Stores”

One remarkable aspect of my trip to Japan was the variety of foods I consumed at Japanese convenience stores. Whether it’s because Japan is renowned for its convenience stores or not, the quality of the foods they offer surpassed that of convenience stores in South Korea.

“High-Quality Japanese Convenience Store Foods”

While South Korea is gradually improving the quality of convenience store foods, there is still a sense that more time is needed to catch up to the quality of Japanese convenience store offerings. Though I didn’t get to try a wide range of foods from the convenience stores, there was one product that stood out, especially in comparison to similar items sold in South Korea – the “Mochi Ice Cream.”

“Lotte Mochi Ice Cream”

In South Korea, Mochi Ice Cream typically feels like eating hard ice, with the sensation of cracking through solid ice. In Japan, however, the Mochi Ice Cream I tried felt like the soft ice cream was nestled inside a chewy rice cake, presenting the same product but with an entirely different quality. It was surprising to observe such a quality difference in a product produced by the same company, Lotte. This stark contrast in quality made me feel a bit betrayed by the Lotte products sold in South Korea.

“Yogurt That Doesn’t Smudge the Lid”

Another striking observation was the yogurt available in Japan. Whether it’s due to meticulous logistics and packaging or just good luck, every time I opened a yogurt container, there wasn’t a single drop on the lid. I purchased it multiple times, thinking it might be a stroke of luck, but each time, there was no yogurt smudging the lid. This consistent cleanliness was truly impressive.

“Egg Sandwich at Japanese Convenience Stores”

Japanese convenience stores are also famous for their egg sandwiches. Although several convenience stores sell them, the egg sandwiches at “7-Eleven” are particularly renowned for having an abundance of eggs. This gained additional fame after being featured in a travel show called “Battle Trip,” where the singer Sung Si-kyung visited Tokyo, purchased an egg sandwich from a convenience store, and enjoyed it.

Overall, the products I consumed from Japanese convenience stores exhibited good quality despite being affordable. It was an experience that made me realize you could have delicious meals just by eating convenience store food in Japan.