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Shibuya, Tokyo: Famous for its Crosswalks

Shibuya, situated in the heart of Tokyo, stands out as one of Tokyo’s major attractions. Particularly famous for its crosswalks, Shibuya has turned its pedestrian crossings into a unique tourist destination.

“Shibuya, Well-Known for its Crosswalks”

Shibuya is a place I’ve heard about even before visiting Japan. It has been extensively featured in the media, making it a location familiar to many, even for those who haven’t been to Japan.

This place is especially renowned for its crosswalks. The “X”-shaped pedestrian crossing right in front of Shibuya Station is the most iconic symbol of Shibuya. It is famous for the spectacle of numerous people crossing the street all at once.

Actually visiting this place and crossing the crosswalk allowed me to understand why Shibuya is renowned for its pedestrian crossings. During the brief time it takes to cross, I observed some tourists taking photos for their own memorable moments.

Some people, shooting their personal broadcasts on YouTube, were also present, showcasing Shibuya’s unique atmosphere distinct from other locations.

“Halloween Festival and DJ Police”

Shibuya attracts large crowds, especially during notable events. In the autumn season, it is well-known for its Halloween festival. To control the crowd, police officers take the mic, guiding the citizens. These officers, controlling the crowd through the microphone, are humorously called “DJ Police.”

During my visit to Japan, it wasn’t the Halloween festival season, so I couldn’t witness the Halloween celebration or encounter DJ Police.

“Famous for Various Shops”

Shibuya is quite similar to Seoul’s Hongdae in South Korea. As a result, you can encounter numerous large and small shops throughout the area. Landmark buildings include the 109 Department Store and the Q-Front Building.

Moreover, Shibuya hosts a “Disney Store,” where you can find various Disney-related character products on display.

You can discover shops resembling those in South Korea, such as Muji, and even an Apple Store. Unfortunately, during my visit, the Apple Store was under renovation, so I couldn’t go inside.

“Shibuya’s Arcade Game Centers”

Not only in Shibuya but also throughout Tokyo, you can find large arcade game centers. Typically, the first floor features light arcade games such as claw machines, while as you ascend the floors, you encounter more enthusiast-oriented games.

One notable difference from South Korean arcades is the presence of Pachinko machines, resembling gambling machines, alongside regular arcade games. This cultural contrast was somewhat shocking for a first-time traveler to Japan.

Shibuya, along with its vibrant atmosphere and iconic crosswalks, became a place I naturally visited during my travels. It was the first major attraction I explored on this trip to Tokyo, and for anyone planning a Tokyo trip, Shibuya is undoubtedly a must-visit spot.

“Tokyo Shibuya”

  • Address: 2 Chome Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0002, Japan