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Tokyo Narita Airport Arrival Procedure

The Jeju Airplane, departing from Incheon Airport, successfully landed at Japan’s Narita Airport. The distance between Incheon and Tokyo wasn’t too vast, allowing for an arrival within approximately 2 hours by air travel.

For flights from Gimpo Airport to Haneda Airport, the route is shorter, making it a more time-efficient option.

“Narita Airport Immigration Procedure”

Upon a smooth landing at Narita Airport, I naturally proceeded through the Japanese immigration process. The steps taken at Narita Airport were as follows:

  1. Disembarkation from the aircraft.
  2. Immigration inspection (completion of the immigration declaration form).
  3. Retrieve checked baggage.
  4. Customs declaration.
  5. Completion of immigration.

To prepare for immigration at Tokyo Airport, it’s advisable to pre-fill the immigration declaration form received on the airplane. The first step after disembarking is usually the immigration inspection. With the powerful South Korean passport, allowing visa-free stays of up to 90 days in most countries, entry rejections are rare, including in Japan.

“Immigration Process”

The Japanese immigration process involves completing and submitting an immigration declaration form and a customs declaration form. If you are proficient in Japanese, you can write in Japanese; otherwise, English is acceptable.

The immigration process includes registering fingerprints for both index fingers and taking a photograph. After presenting your passport, without any specific questions, fingerprints are registered, a photo is taken, and you proceed to the baggage claim area.

“Baggage Claim and Customs Declaration”

Upon finding your baggage from the flight, passing through customs completes the immigration process. If you’ve prepared your customs declaration form in advance, you can save time.

Submitting the customs declaration form to the customs officer finalizes the immigration process, marking the beginning of your journey in Japan.

Arriving at Tokyo Narita Airport, going through immigration, collecting baggage, and completing immigration took about 30 minutes. Of course, with more diligence, the process could be even quicker.

With all the procedures for the Japan trip concluded, only the journey from Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo remains.

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