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Tokyo Narita Airport Lawson Convenience Store

Departing from Incheon Airport and arriving at Tokyo Narita Airport, I completed the immigration process. Now, it’s time to officially begin my journey in Japan. Although Narita Airport is often associated with Tokyo, it is physically located in Chiba Prefecture, next to Tokyo.

There are various ways to travel from Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo, taking approximately one hour, somewhat similar to the relationship between Seoul and Incheon Airport in South Korea.

“Exploring Lawson Convenience Store at Narita Airport”

From leaving home to boarding a flight from Incheon Airport to arriving in Japan and completing the immigration process, I hadn’t eaten anything. A single cup of water provided on the airplane was all I had. Given the somewhat inconvenient situation to have a proper meal at the airport, I decided to stop by the convenience store, which happened to be right in front of me.

“Lawson Convenience Store at Narita Airport”

In Japan, various convenience store brands can be found, and Lawson is one of the commonly encountered ones. Narita Airport, with its three terminals, is a relatively large airport. The Lawson convenience store I visited is located in Terminal 3.

“Tasting Japanese Egg Sandwich”

To quickly satisfy my hunger at the convenience store, I chose a menu consisting of an “egg sandwich” and “milk.” While it wasn’t a deliberate choice, the egg sandwich is considered a must-try menu item when traveling in Japan. In fact, on a travel-specialized show called “Battle Trip,” Seong Si-kyung and Moon Cheon-sik visited Tokyo, Japan, and started their journey with an egg sandwich, showcasing its popularity.

“Narita Airport Lawson Convenience Store”

  • Address: 148-1 Tokko, Narita, Chiba 282-0006, Japan
  • Website: lawson.co.jp