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Night View of Acro Forest at Seoul Forest (Photo)

If you exit through subway exit 4 at Seoul Forest Station, a station on the Suin Bundang Line that leads to Seoul Forest, you can find a space called “Understand Avenue” before entering Seoul Forest. Before entering this space, I took a photo of the skyline of Acro Forest Apartments, and it turned out to be quite atmospheric, so I decided to share it.

“Night View of Acro Forest”

Just as the title suggests, it’s a photo capturing the night view of Acro Forest Apartments, taken vertically to capture the view immediately visible upon exiting “Understand Avenue.”

I took the photo using the “RAW” file photo shooting feature of the iPhone 14 Pro, and made slight adjustments after shooting. Fortunately, there happened to be a passerby, making the photo more atmospheric compared to just capturing the building.