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Suwon Lotte Mall “Moomin Pop-up Store” (Photos)

Right behind Suwon Station is where Suwon Lotte Mall is situated. Following the path that leads from Suwon Station through the pedestrian bridge, you can easily access Lotte Mall. The accessibility is excellent. Lotte Mall, as the name suggests, is a shopping mall operated by Lotte. In Suwon Lotte Mall, you can find Lotte Department Store and various other stores lining the mall.

“Connected to Suwon Station, Lotte Mall”

Lotte Mall is directly connected to Suwon Station. I spent about two years in Suwon some time ago, and I remember naturally dropping by Lotte Mall from time to time during that period. Whenever I visited Suwon Station or needed to have a meal nearby, I would naturally end up visiting this place.

“Moomin Pop-up Store in Suwon Lotte Mall”

These days, you can see pop-up stores opening in shopping malls like this. Fortunately, when I visited Lotte Mall, I could see that a pop-up store related to the Moomin characters had opened. Moomin characters were displayed all around, and I could see people taking commemorative photos.

On this occasion, after a long time, I visited Suwon Lotte Mall again and took photos of the characters displayed in the Moomin pop-up store.

“Suwon Station Lotte Mall”