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“Incheon Airport – Immigration Procedures & Arrival Duty-Free Shops”

The aircraft departing from Kansai Airport fortunately arrived safely at Incheon Airport. Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, a noticeable chill was in the air. While the average daytime temperature in Japan ranged from 28 to 30 degrees Celsius, Incheon Airport was around 20 degrees Celsius. Granted, there was a time difference, departing during the day from Kansai Airport and arriving in the evening at Incheon Airport, but it was clear that South Korea was cooler than Japan.

“Incheon Airport Immigration Procedures”

There isn’t much to mention about Incheon Airport’s immigration procedures. After disembarking the aircraft, one simply needs to retrieve checked baggage and proceed through customs. In reality, unless there’s something special at customs, most people pass through without any issues.

However, having been abroad and returning after a while, I noticed something new. It was the arrival duty-free shops.

“Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Arrival Duty-Free Shops”

I had heard about the addition of arrival duty-free shops at Incheon Airport, but I wasn’t aware of how they looked. Out of curiosity, I followed the sign indicating ‘Arrival Duty-Free Shops,’ and behind the baggage claim area, there was a small space with some stores.

The shops weren’t particularly large, and it seemed like most of them sold alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Since there wasn’t anything particularly enticing to buy, I proceeded to pass through customs after retrieving my baggage, completing the arrival procedures.

After returning from overseas, which I hadn’t done for a while due to COVID-19, memories of experiences from the pre-COVID-19 era resurfaced. The world has changed significantly due to COVID-19, and I hope for a return to the free times of the past, anticipating a better world as we look forward to the recovery of the global economy.

“Incheon Airport Terminal 1”