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Suwon Yeongtong “Mist,” a Japanese Ramen Restaurant at The Fantasium

Located in Suwon Yeongtong, “The Fantasium” is a medium-sized complex shopping mall near Mangpo Station. It may not be a large-scale complex shopping mall like a typical department store or large shopping mall, but it consists of about four floors and is a small-scale complex shopping mall where you can find various stores, restaurants, cafes, etc.

While restaurants at “The Fantasium” are mainly located on the 2nd and 3rd floors, you can also find them on the 1st floor. This time, I visited a restaurant called “Mist” located on the 1st floor.

“The Fantasium: Japanese Ramen Restaurant, Mist”

“Mist” is a place that serves Japanese food, particularly specializing in “Japanese-style ramen.” It is located across from Daiso on the 1st floor.

The interior is open, and it doesn’t have a specific door structure. It gives a sense of openness, but in cases where there are many people walking around in the passage, it can feel a bit bustling due to the excessive openness.

“You Can Taste Various Japanese Ramen Dishes at Mist”

At Mist, you can find various Japanese-style ramen dishes. Simply choose the ramen you like and place your order. Here are some of the menu options available at Mist. (Please note that prices may have changed since 2021.)

“Dining Menu”

  • Hirekatsu: KRW 12,900
  • Rosukatsu: KRW 11,900
  • Modumkatsu: KRW 14,900
  • Cube Steak Donburi: KRW 11,900
  • Donkotsu Ramen: KRW 8,900
  • Misoramen: KRW 9,900
  • Tantanmen: KRW 9,900
  • Handmade Yaki Gyoza: KRW 4,900

“Set Menus”

  • Mist Set (Choose 1 Ramen + Yaki Gyoza 4Pcs + 1 Drink): KRW 12,900
  • 1-Person Set (Choose 1 Ramen + Mini Rosukatsu + 1 Drink): KRW 17,900
  • 2-Person Set (Choose 1 Ramen + Modumkatsu + 2 Drinks): KRW 25,900
  • 3-Person Set (Choose 1 Ramen + Cube Steak Donburi + Modumkatsu + Yaki Gyoza + 3 Drinks): KRW 41,900

“Mist Set: KRW 12,900”

On this day, I wanted to try ramen, so I ordered the Mist Set. The price is KRW 12,900, and it comes with one ramen, Yaki Gyoza, and a drink. If you only eat ramen, the portion might be a bit small, but fortunately, the Gyoza is included to complement the quantity.

The atmosphere is not bad for dining alone, and it seems like a good place for solo dining. It’s a good place for those who enjoy Japanese food, whether visiting alone or with a partner or friends.

“Suwon Mangpo The Fantasium Mist”

  • Address: 1st Floor, 1566 Deokyeong-daero, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16693, South Korea
  • Phone Number: 070-4759-8313
  • Operating Hours: 11:00 – 22:00