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Osaka Namba City Cafe “Nana’s Green Tea”

In the vicinity of Osaka Namba Station, you can find various department stores and malls, and “Namba City” is one of the shopping malls you can explore in this area. Namba City is connected by subway from Osaka Namba Station, boasting high accessibility.

Namba City is a shopping mall located from the basement 2nd floor to the 2nd floor above ground in the Nankai Namba Station building, divided into main and south buildings. The 2nd floor of the south building is connected to Namba Parks, providing a convenient route for exploration. Linked to Nankai Namba Station and the underground shopping street, with over 40 years of history, it has become a gathering place for most fashion and miscellaneous goods brands.

Additionally, the basement 1st floor of the main building is connected to the Takashimaya Department Store’s food section, and the 1st floor of the south building houses numerous affordable and highly rated restaurants.

“Osaka Namba City Cafe, Nana’s Green Tea”

“Nana’s Green Tea” is a noteworthy cafe in Osaka Namba City. It is a cafe that sells various desserts, including tea-based drinks using matcha (green tea).

After having lunch and exploring the Namba Parks area, feeling a bit tired, I decided to take a short break at “Nana’s Green Tea,” which was nearby.

Nana’s Green Tea can be found on the basement 2nd floor of “Namba City,” right in front of the information center, making it relatively easy to locate.

“Cafe Offering Various Desserts Using Green Tea”

True to its name, Nana’s Green Tea primarily focuses on selling products centered around “green tea.” However, it doesn’t merely sell green tea; it offers various menu items utilizing green tea. Especially, their parfaits were renowned, so I decided to order a parfait on this visit.

The price was 1,000 yen, approximately equivalent to about 10,000 won due to the favorable exchange rate, making it about 10% more affordable.

“Cafe Selling Lunch Set Menus”

Additionally, during lunch hours, it seemed like they were selling lunch set menus. Since I had already finished lunch before visiting, I opted for a simple parfait tasting. If I ever visit without having lunch, it might be interesting to try their lunch menu as well.

The parfait, overall, was quite delicious. It was a product combining matcha ice cream, rice cakes, jelly, and more, presenting itself as a good dessert to taste after a meal.

While enjoying the parfait, I spent some time contemplating where to visit next, searching for interesting travel destinations. Simultaneously, it provided a moment to momentarily relieve the fatigue accumulated from travel.

“Osaka Namba City Cafe, Nana’s Green Tea”

  • Address: Japan, 〒542-0076 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nanba, 5 Chome−1−60 Namba CITY B2
  • Phone: +81666442978
  • Website: Nana’s Green Tea
  • Business Hours: 11:00 – 22:00