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“Starbucks at Namba Parks Café in Osaka Namba”

Attempting to explore the Osaka area early in the morning, I found it challenging to locate suitable places due to the early hour, with many places still closed. Needing a cup of coffee to properly wake up, I looked for a nearby Starbucks and found one at “Namba Parks.”

“Namba Parks Café, Starbucks”

The café at Namba Parks was located on the outdoor second floor of the building. Since it wasn’t necessary to enter the building, it was relatively easy to find. Although not very spacious, there were both indoor and outdoor seating options, making it a pleasant place to spend time on a nice day.

Starbucks cafés in Japan don’t differ significantly from those in Korea. The atmosphere and prices were quite similar. However, one notable difference is that in Japan, many people still prefer to pay with cash, unlike in Korea, where mobile app payments are more common.

“Starbucks with Little Difference from Korea”

As Starbucks is a franchise born in the United States, the interior decor wasn’t significantly different from what you would find in Korea, making it feel familiar and not at all foreign.

Since I visited early in the morning when there were relatively few customers, I could comfortably place my order. While I usually order an Americano when in Korea, in Japan, I tend to order a latte. There’s something about being in Japan that makes me feel like I should try a latte when I’m there.

After placing my order and receiving my drink, I noticed that, perhaps because it was early and there were few customers, the cups had “Good Morning” written on them. A small message, yet it added a pleasant touch to the morning.

While enjoying my time at the café, I observed a few people gradually coming in. Soon enough, the place was filled with customers. I noticed someone next to me who seemed to be starting work at Starbucks, receiving what looked like basic training with a “Starbucks Partner Welcome Kit” bag. Everything was conducted in Japanese, so I could only understand the content to a limited extent.

“A Place to Spend Leisurely Morning Hours”

Spending time with a cup of coffee early in the morning allowed me to contemplate and prepare for the day’s travel itinerary. Thanks to the coffee, I was fully awake in the morning, ready to explore the Osaka region actively.

“Osaka Namba, Starbucks at Namba Parks Café”

  • Address: 2 Chome-10-70 Nanbanaka, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0011, Japan
  • Phone Number: +81666368152
  • Website: Starbucks Namba Parks
  • Operating Hours: (Mon-Thu) 9:00 – 22:00, (Fri-Sat) 9:00 – 10:30, (Sun) 8:00 – 10:30