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Don Quijote Namba Sennichimae Store – Osaka Namba General Store

A common sight in Japan is the general store known as “Don Quijote.” Unlike other markets or department stores neatly organized into sections, Don Quijote takes a different approach. It places various miscellaneous goods in a haphazard manner, creating a concept that feels like a treasure hunt. The store is densely packed with a wide range of products.

These stores are ubiquitous in Japan, and Osaka has several locations to explore. Since the products they offer are mostly similar, you can visit a nearby branch if you’re in the mood for some shopping.

“Don Quijote Store in Osaka Namba, Also Found in Dotonbori”

The most famous Don Quijote store in the Osaka Namba area is likely the one situated in the heart of Dotonbori. Not only is it large in scale, but it’s also a bustling place, always crowded with people. Additionally, if you make a purchase above a certain amount, you can ride the Ferris wheel connected to the store for free.

“Don Quijote Store Near Doguyasuji Shopping Street”

While shopping at the Don Quijote store in Dotonbori could be enjoyable, the crowds might make it inconvenient. In such cases, stepping slightly away from Dotonbori for shopping can be helpful. You can find a Don Quijote store near the north entrance of Doguyasuji Shopping Street, right across from the Namba Grand Kagetsu Theater.

“Relatively Comfortable Shopping at Don Quijote Store”

Compared to the Dotonbori branch, this one is slightly smaller in scale. The store has a total of two floors, but each floor has a much larger area compared to the Dotonbori branch. Consequently, the overall size is similar. Of course, the products on display are nearly identical.

Given Don Quijote’s concept of exploring various products like a treasure hunt, the exact items stocked are unpredictable. However, with fewer customers overall, the advantage is a more pleasant shopping environment.

It’s not too far from Dotonbori, and it takes about 5-10 minutes on foot from Namba Station. This location is not bad in terms of accessibility. If you’re looking for something specific at Don Quijote, and you prefer a less crowded place, this is a good spot for shopping.

“Don Quijote Namba Sennichimae Store”

  • Address: 12-7 Nanbasennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0075, Japan
  • Phone: +81570073411
  • Website: Don Quijote Namba Sennichimae
  • Business Hours: 10:00 – 24:00