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Suwon Yeongtong Restaurant “Damso Sosagol Sundae Yukgaejang”

The area around Yeongtong Station’s Cloud Square (Jiknyeo Square) in Suwon Yeongtong is one of the bustling commercial areas in the Yeongtong area of Suwon. Thanks to this, it’s a place where you can often see crowds gathering for meetings and appointments in the Yeongtong area of Suwon.

Because of this, you can find various restaurants and cafes nearby. If you’re wondering what to eat in the area, take a look around, and you’ll find a variety of restaurants. The place I visited this time is a restaurant called “Damso Sosagol Sundae Yukgaejang.”

“Suwon Yeongtong: Damso Sosagol Sundae Yukgaejang”

The name of the restaurant is quite long, and from the inclusion of “Sosagol Sundae Yukgaejang” in the name, you can tell that you can find dishes using yukgaejang (spicy beef soup) and sundae (Korean blood sausage).

They serve various dishes such as sundae guk (sundae soup), don sundae guk (pork sundae soup), woo sundae guk (beef sundae soup), sundubu guk (soft tofu soup), yukgaejang, sundae bokkeum (stir-fried sundae), pyeonyuk (slices of meat jelly), sundae, suyuk (boiled meat slices), and more. Here are some of the menu options available at Damso Sosagol Sundae Yukgaejang. (Please note that prices may have changed since 2021.)

  • Yukgaejang: KRW 7,900
  • Regular Sundae Guk: KRW 6,700
  • Woojeong Spicy Sundubu: KRW 6,700
  • Sosagol Pork Sundae Guk: KRW 6,900
  • Sosagol Beef Sundae Guk: KRW 7,100
  • Set (Sundae Guk/Sundubu + Sundae + Pyeonyuk): Add KRW 3,800
  • Cheonpan Sundae Bokkeum: KRW 9,500
  • Pyeonyuk: KRW 9,800
  • Damso Bulgogi: KRW 9,800
  • Modum Sundae: KRW 17,800
  • Sagol Jeongol (Bone Stew for Drinking): KRW 18,800
  • Suyuk: KRW 24,800
  • Damso Modum: KRW 29,800
  • Additional Pyeonyuk: KRW 6,900
  • Additional Suyuk: KRW 7,900
  • Additional Modum Sundae: KRW 7,900
  • Konjac Mukbap (Summer Delicacy): KRW 6,900

“Sundae Guk Set: KRW 10,500”

On this day, I visited alone, but I was quite hungry, so I ordered the set. When you order Sundae Guk and add the set, you get Sundae and Pyeonyuk together, and the price is KRW 10,500.

Overall, it’s a place where you can have a decent meal, and it’s good for settling a meal comfortably. The portions are quite generous, so unless you’re a big eater, it might be a bit challenging to finish everything alone.

“A Great Place for Dining Alone”

Especially in the Yeongtong area, it’s not easy to find a restaurant that’s suitable for dining alone. However, this is a place where you can comfortably have a meal alone, making it a good place for solo diners.

The food is decent, and the prices are not too burdensome. It’s also conveniently located near Yeongtong Station, making it a decent place to visit.

“Suwon Yeongtong Damso Sosagol Sundae Yukgaejang”

  • Address: 40 Cheongmyeongnam-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16705, South Korea
  • Phone Number: 031-203-1821
  • Website: http://www.damso-story.com
  • Operating Hours: 24 hours