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Incheon Airport – Changi Airport, Singapore “Singapore Airlines”

For this trip to Singapore, I chose to fly with Singapore Airlines, the main national carrier of Singapore. Singapore Airlines is a “5-star airline” that is not easily found worldwide. Particularly, it holds the top position globally in the field of cabin crew services.

This Singapore trip, supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, allowed me to travel with sponsored airfare and hotel accommodations. Thanks to this support, I had the opportunity to board Singapore Airlines’ national carrier on my first overseas journey.

“Batik Patterns on Singapore Airlines Uniforms”

Boarding Singapore Airlines gives you an exotic atmosphere even before departure. This is due to the traditional Malaysian pattern called “batik” engraved on the uniforms of female Singapore Airlines flight attendants.

As a result, from the moment you board the Singapore Airlines plane, you start to feel like you’re genuinely beginning your “journey.” The aircraft is filled with foreign crew members wearing exotic attire.

“Distinctive Singapore English Accent from the Crew”

Given that it’s Singapore Airlines, most of the crew members seemed to be Singaporeans. While there were occasional Korean crew members, the majority appeared to be foreign crew members, presumably Singaporeans.

Even before arriving in Singapore, I could hear the distinctive accent of “Singapore English” from the crew members. This allowed me to feel the sense of being abroad right from inside the airplane.

“Singapore Airlines In-Flight Meals”

The flight time from Seoul to Singapore is approximately 6 to 7 hours. Consequently, in-flight meals are naturally provided during the journey.

In economy class, there were two meal options. One was a Western-style lunch box mainly featuring “eggs and sausages,” and the other was “Bibimbap.” Choosing to enhance the atmosphere of overseas travel rather than going for the familiar Bibimbap, I opted for the “eggs and sausages” lunch box.

Snacks were also provided intermittently. While I was resting after the meal, I could see that the crew had placed peanut snacks at the seats.

“Singapore Sling Offered by Singapore Airlines”

Singapore Airlines also offers the Singapore Sling, a representative cocktail of Singapore, on the flight. Although it may not be listed on the menu, you can request it from the crew.

“Personal Monitor and USB Charger”

Each seat on the aircraft was equipped with a personal monitor. Entertainment content included movies, music, and, to my delight, I found the 2016 movie La La Land.

Unfortunately, there were no Korean subtitles, so I had to watch it in English. Fortunately, the dialogues in La La Land weren’t too difficult to understand, making it easy to follow the story.

Additionally, USB chargers were available on some seats. This allowed me to consistently charge my phone during the journey to Singapore.

This concludes the information about traveling in “Economy Class” with Singapore Airlines. Experiencing Singapore Airlines for the first time on my way to Singapore left me with a positive impression of the airline.