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Immigration Procedures at Changi International Airport in Singapore

The flight from Incheon Airport concluded with approximately 7 hours of travel, landing at Changi International Airport in Singapore. Despite the considerable geographical distance from South Korea, the time difference is only one hour. This is a result of Singapore adopting the time zone used during the British colonial era, similar to Hong Kong. Even after gaining independence from Britain, Singapore continues this practice, driven by economic considerations.

“Immigration Procedures at Changi Airport”

Upon landing at Changi Airport, the natural progression is to undergo immigration procedures. Similar to other international airports, Changi Airport in Singapore follows the steps outlined below.

“Immigration Procedures at Changi Airport”

  1. Disembark from the aircraft.
  2. Complete the Arrival Card and undergo immigration clearance.
  3. Collect luggage and proceed to the city.

The Arrival Card is usually distributed by cabin crew during the flight, allowing passengers to fill it out in advance. Upon disembarking, passengers line up at the Immigration counter, presenting their completed Arrival Card. The immigration process involves a basic check of the information on the card, taking a photo, and registering fingerprints.

After completing immigration clearance, passengers proceed to collect their luggage. If no luggage was checked, they can exit immediately. Once all belongings are retrieved, the immigration process at Changi Airport is considered complete.

“Three Must-Do Things at Singapore’s Changi Airport”

According to travelers, there are three essential things to do at Changi Airport before heading to downtown Singapore. Of course, these may not be necessary in every case.

  1. Purchase a local SIM card.
  2. Buy Tiger Beer.
  3. Acquire a Singapore Metro (MRT) ticket.

Singapore imposes high taxes on alcoholic beverages, resulting in relatively expensive prices in the city center. Additionally, due to liquor control laws, purchasing alcohol is restricted between 10:30 PM and 7 AM. Therefore, enthusiasts recommend stocking up on Singapore’s Tiger Beer at Changi Airport.

“Purchasing a Local SIM Card at Changi Airport”

If travelers haven’t purchased a “Singapore local SIM card” or rented Wi-Fi before departing South Korea, it’s essential to obtain one at Changi Airport upon arrival. While navigating from the airport to the city may not be challenging for those familiar with Singapore, first-time visitors may find using Google Maps helpful.

Local SIM cards are available from two major Singaporean telecom companies, StarHub and Singtel. For this trip, the author purchased a SIM card called “Hi! Tourist” from Singtel, offering 4GB of data for 5 days at a prepaid rate of $15.

After purchasing the SIM card from a booth at the airport, there was a momentary confusion as it initially didn’t work. Seeking assistance from a staff member resolved the issue, and the phone functioned seamlessly thereafter.

“Purchasing a Singapore Metro (MRT) Card”

In Singapore, three main transport cards are commonly used. The author opted for the “Tourist Pass,” an unlimited card designed for travelers. The author, arriving at Terminal 3, had to head towards Terminal 2 to visit the nearby ticket office to purchase the Tourist Pass, resulting in a slightly longer process.

“Moving from Changi Airport to Downtown Singapore”

Having completed tasks at Changi Airport, the author proceeded to downtown Singapore using the MRT. However, caution is required when taking the MRT from Changi Airport to downtown. When using the “East West Line,” passengers must transfer to the “Green Line” at “Tanah Merah”. station, which is two stops away.

An additional point to note is that MRT doors open on both sides. To proceed in the desired direction towards the city center, passengers should exit through the left door. Failing to confirm the door may lead to boarding a train heading in the opposite direction, requiring attention.

The dynamic experience of navigating the Singaporean metro system unfolded right at the beginning of the Singapore journey.

“Changi International Airport in Singapore”