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Exploring Hong Kong International Airport

As the time to conclude my Hong Kong trip approached, I returned to Hong Kong International Airport. After taking the S1 bus from Tung Chung Station and arriving at the airport, it was already evening.

The departure time for my returning flight was 12:30 AM, a late-night departure. However, since my final destination was Lantau Island, I opted to spend as much time as possible in Tung Chung, where I could stay a bit later before heading to the airport. Even then, I still had a considerable amount of time to spend at the airport.

“Looking Back at Hong Kong International Airport”

With so much time to spare at Hong Kong Airport, I decided to explore every corner. Spending several hours there allowed me to thoroughly explore the airport.

“Hong Kong International Airport, Constructed in 1998”

In the past, the Hong Kong Airport was located in the downtown area. Now demolished and gone, it stood beside the iconic Kowloon Walled City, known for its dystopian landscape.

However, in 1998, construction began on a new international airport on Lantau Island. The new airport seemed meticulously planned, with Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 divided east and west, centered around the Airport Express Line (AEL).

The airport railway stations were located on the 5th and 7th floors, and below them, roads for boarding buses were connected, making navigation relatively straightforward.

Utilizing the Airport Express Line (AEL) as a reference point, the west is used for Terminal 1, and the east is designated for Terminal 2. Passengers can alight at either terminal from the same area, and there’s not a significant difference in distance from the station to the airport terminals, which is an advantage.

“Diverse Shops Available at the Airport”

At Hong Kong Airport, you can find a variety of shops. They are strategically placed so travelers can make use of any remaining Hong Kong dollars before leaving.

You can also find Disney souvenir shops scattered around. They can be found both inside and outside the duty-free area. (In Terminal 1, you can shop at the Disney store after going through departure customs.)

Additionally, you can find stores like Mannings, where you can purchase everyday items and medicines, as well as shops like Kee Wah selling cookies.

“Various Restaurants Also Available at Hong Kong Airport”

Of course, there are also various restaurants to choose from. You can find global franchises like McDonald’s, as well as well-known Chinese restaurants like Crystal Jade.

“Baggage Storage Service at Hong Kong Airport”

At Hong Kong Airport, you can find a service that stores your baggage. Unless you’re just making a brief stop at the airport, you may not have much use for this service, but it’s good to keep in mind.

“Diverse Stores in the Duty-Free Area of Hong Kong Airport”

Once you complete departure procedures at the airport, you’ll enter the duty-free area, where you’ll find even more shops.

As mentioned earlier, in Terminal 1, you can once again encounter the Disney souvenir shop. Additionally, you can find souvenir shops selling small mementos, although they tend to be more expensive compared to souvenir shops in downtown Hong Kong.

While waiting for my flight at Hong Kong Airport for an extended period, I naturally ended up exploring the airport.

“Hong Kong Lantau Island, Hong Kong International Airport”