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Departure Procedures at Hong Kong International Airport

Even though I spent time exploring various areas of Hong Kong International Airport, there was still plenty of time left until my departure. Thanks to this, I could leisurely browse through the stores scattered around.

However, a sudden thought crossed my mind – if I spend too much time here and leave too late, the duty-free shops might close before I get a chance to explore them.

“Hong Kong International Airport, Departure Procedures”

Although there was still plenty of time left until my flight departure, I decided to go through the departure procedures for the reasons mentioned above. The departure procedures were carried out as follows, and they were not significantly different from other airports:

  1. Check-in at the airline counter
  2. Scan the boarding pass, go through departure immigration, and have luggage inspected
  3. Utilize the duty-free shops
  4. Board the aircraft

Usually, travelers arrive at the airport in time for their flight departure to check in at the airline counter. However, this time, I had already arrived 12 hours before the flight departure, checked in my luggage, and completed the check-in process, so I could skip this step.

“After Scanning the Boarding Pass, Proceeding with Departure Immigration”

At Incheon Airport for international departures, luggage inspection is done first, followed by departure immigration. Additionally, for adults, there is an option for self-service departure immigration, allowing for a faster process.

A similar process could be followed at Hong Kong Airport. After scanning my passport and boarding pass, I could proceed with departure immigration. During the departure immigration process, Hong Kong residents had the option of using a self-service kiosk, while foreigners, like myself, had to go through the process at a booth, where I faced an immigration officer.

“Shopping in the Duty-Free Area”

Once the departure procedures were completed, I could enter the duty-free area. In the duty-free area, there were various shops, restaurants, cafes, and even a large food court. The duty-free area in Hong Kong was truly spacious and well-equipped.

Now that I had completed the immigration process, my journey was gradually approaching its final stages.

“Hong Kong Lantau Island, Hong Kong International Airport”

– Address: 1 Sky Plaza Rd, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

– Phone Number: +852 2181 8888

– Website: http://www.hongkongairport.com