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“Daiso’s 5,000 Won Power Bank”

At Daiso, you can find a variety of products. It’s truly a store where you can find almost anything. The fact that you can find such a diverse range of products in a small store is impressive.

Daiso also sells power banks, which might not be well-known. Surprisingly, you can purchase a power bank at a very affordable price.

“A 5,000 Won Power Bank Available at Daiso”

Daiso offers a 5,000 Won power bank for sale. With such a low price, you might be concerned about its performance. However, the product has a capacity of “5,000 mAh,” which is sufficient to charge most smartphones more than once.

“A Lightweight Battery of 110g”

Generally, larger battery capacities result in heavier products. However, the product available at Daiso, with a capacity of “5,000 mAh,” weighs only 110g, making it relatively lightweight.

The price is also quite affordable at just 5,000 Won, and the charging speed is reasonably fast. The power bank I purchased has two external charging ports of “USB-A,” but it uses an older technology with a “5-pin” external charging port, which might be a bit disappointing.

It would have been better if the external charging port used the more commonly used “USB-C” found in modern products. Nevertheless, considering the low price of the 5,000 Won product, it can be considered a decent product.

This product is available in Daiso stores, and I won’t provide an online purchase link.