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Daiso “Bluetooth Dongle 5.0”

These days, most electronic devices support “Bluetooth,” allowing convenient connections between devices.

Bluetooth enables the easy connection of various devices such as laptops, phones, keyboards, mice, and earphones.

“What about desktops that don’t offer Bluetooth connectivity?”

However, older desktop computers may not have built-in Bluetooth functionality since Bluetooth wasn’t widely used in the past. But even in such cases, you can easily add Bluetooth functionality.

Simply visit your nearest Daiso store and purchase a “Bluetooth Dongle 5.0,” which, when plugged into your computer via USB, transforms your desktop into a device capable of Bluetooth connectivity.

“The Bluetooth Dongle 5.0 available at Daiso”

The Bluetooth dongle available at Daiso is currently sold under the name “Bluetooth 5.0 Dongle,” priced at 5,000 won, which is quite affordable.

For just 5,000 won, you can equip a computer previously unable to connect via Bluetooth, making it a cost-effective solution.

Using it is simple: plug the dongle into the device (desktop computer) you want to connect to via Bluetooth, then connect other Bluetooth devices for use.

For Windows, navigate to “Bluetooth” settings, then “Bluetooth & devices > Devices,” and add a new device to establish a connection.