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Flying Tiger Copenhagen “Storytelling Dice”

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a variety store that originated from Denmark. It first opened its doors in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1995, and gradually expanded its stores worldwide, including Europe, the United States, and Japan, eventually entering South Korea in 2017.

“Flying Tiger, where you can find various creative items”

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores, you can find a wide range of products. It can be described as a true variety store, with products that are reasonably priced and affordable. You can discover uniquely designed items filled with creative ideas at an affordable price.

I visited the Flying Tiger Copenhagen store in Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, and decided to take a look inside.

“The Storytelling Dice I found at Flying Tiger”

While browsing through various items, I came across an interesting product. It was a set of dice featuring not typical numbers, but various illustrations such as a hamburger, heart, puppy, and even a poop emoji.

Named “Storytelling Dice,” these dice provide ideas for continuing a story based on the pictures or shapes that come up when rolling them. It’s an enjoyable item that could be helpful for writing and could also assist in children’s education.

“Storytelling Dice: 3,000 KRW”

The price of the dice was a mere 3,000 KRW, and one pack contains a total of six dice. Ultimately, each die costs only 500 KRW.

The price is also quite affordable, making it a great item for educational purposes or for generating creative ideas.