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Nasal Cleansing Product ‘Nose Sweeper’

I’ve had rhinitis since I was a child. In my early years, I heard advice from a friend that if you drink salt water through your nose and then spit it out, it improves the condition of your nose. I tried it a few times, but it wasn’t easy because I couldn’t get the concentration of the salt water right. My nose would just feel ticklish, and I would experience discomfort before feeling refreshed from the nasal cleansing.

“Lee Sangmin’s Nasal Cleansing” was a TV program clip I happened to come across, although I don’t usually watch TV programs. In the clip, Lee Sangmin demonstrated nasal cleansing quite skillfully. The sight was somewhat eerie and fascinating, which caused a bit of a buzz.

Curious, I searched for “Lee Sangmin Nasal Cleansing,” and I found the product that Lee Sangmin had used for nasal cleansing being sold on Coupang.

“I Purchased the ‘Nose Sweeper’ from Coupang”

The product is called the ‘Nose Sweeper,’ and it’s designed for nasal cleansing. You fill it with water, dissolve the provided tablet in it, creating a solution at the right concentration that won’t cause discomfort when inserted into the nose. You open your mouth, make an “ah” sound, and inject it into your nose. As the water exits through the opposite nostril, it cleanses your nasal passages.

One thing to note is that you must make the “ah” sound while performing nasal cleansing. If you don’t, the solution might go down your throat. Of course, since it’s saline, it shouldn’t cause any major issues if swallowed, but it’s still better to avoid it if possible.

I purchased a set that includes 120 packets of nasal cleansing powder, and the price was about 15,000 won, which wasn’t too burdensome. You can conveniently order the product from Coupang and have it delivered.

Since using the product, breathing through my nose has become somewhat easier, and I feel that the condition of my nose has improved noticeably. It’s a good product for people suffering from rhinitis.

“Nose Sweeper, Lee Sangmin’s Nasal Cleansing”