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Tokyo Akihabara Figure Shop “Liberty (リバティ)”

Akihabara in Tokyo is considered the epicenter of otaku culture. It’s a place where you can easily find various subculture products, especially focusing on subcultures like manga, animation, and more. It’s known as one of the best places in Japan for subculture, and even internationally, some travelers purposely visit this area.

“Akihabara in Tokyo”

Currently, Akihabara is surrounded by buildings where you can engage in various hobbies such as animation, figures, gunpla (Gundam plastic models), railways, scale models of firearms, and cars. Moreover, you can find unique concept cafes like maid cafes in this area.

“Liberty (リバティ) in Akihabara”

In Akihabara, you can easily spot signs with “リバティ (Liberty)” written on them. This is the Japanese katakana representation of the English word “Liberty,” meaning freedom. These shops can be found throughout Akihabara, primarily selling products related to figures, plastic models, and animation.

After trying Oyakodon at Toritsune Shizendou, I came across a store called “Liberty” on my way back to the central area of Akihabara. The store was spread across multiple floors, each exhibiting products with slightly different themes and concepts.

Some of the products on display were second-hand, and these items were a bit more affordable compared to new ones. Additionally, discontinued products that are no longer available as new could be found among the second-hand items, attracting collectors who specifically visit the store for such items.

“Selling Random Boxes”

At one point, selling random boxes became a trend, and Liberty was no exception. They were selling random boxes of various sizes at different price ranges. Although I didn’t have time during my trip, the advantage of quickly buying souvenirs crossed my mind.

In addition to the Liberty store, Akihabara has various other shops with different names selling a wide range of subculture products. If you happen to visit Akihabara, exploring these stores related to subculture could be an exciting part of your experience.

“Japan, Tokyo, Akihabara, Liberty (リバティ)”

  • Address: 4 Chome-7-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan
  • Phone: +81 3-5298-6167
  • Website: Liberty
  • Opening Hours: (Mon – Fri) 11:00 – 21:30 / (Sat – Sun) 10:30 – 21:30