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Men’s Slide Card Wallet: K-PRO 2.0

The world has changed completely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everything underwent a sudden transformation, including consumer spending patterns. It has been over three years since we started enduring the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

The COVID-19 outbreak that swept through in 2019 continues to have an impact even in 2023. Now, we are slowly taking steps towards returning to a world before COVID-19.

“A Card Wallet Purchase After a Long Time”

Truth be told, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there wasn’t much reason to go out. The government encouraged people to stay indoors, and individuals also restrained themselves. We’ve spent more than three years in this way.

Now, people are feeling exhausted. There’s a growing desire to return to the pre-COVID-19 era, where we could relax a bit more.

While I haven’t yet ventured abroad, I’ve started to visit places in Seoul, at least. During the COVID-19 period, I didn’t pay much attention to my clothing. After all, there were hardly any chances to meet people face-to-face or to encounter new acquaintances.

But now, in preparation for the post-COVID-19 era, I decided to change my wallet. The old card wallet I used was showing signs of wear and tear, so I wanted to try out a refreshing slide-type card wallet.

“The Slide-Type Card Wallet”

Slide-type card wallets have been around for quite some time. In the past, having a space for cash in the wallet was essential because we used cash more frequently. However, now we can handle almost everything with cards. With the use of Samsung Pay, we’re entering an era where we might not even need physical cards. While Apple Pay is not yet available in Korea, it seems likely to be introduced soon, suggesting that the era of physical cards may gradually fade away.

In line with the changing times, I decided to purchase a slide-type card wallet. To be honest, considering that the era of card usage is gradually waning, I may have been a bit late in buying such a product.

While searching for various products online, I came across a product on Coupang priced at KRW 19,800. It’s called “K-PRO 2.0,” a product that combines a bit of leather.

“Slide Card Wallet + Money Clip + Business Card Holder”

The card wallet I used before could only hold up to four cards, and there wasn’t enough space to carry business cards or a small amount of cash. Of course, I could force them in, but doing so made it look messy.

In particular, carrying business cards is almost essential, and it was inconvenient to always carry them separately. This product I discovered allows for all of these – a slide card wallet, money clip, and business card holder – all in one. So, I decided to give it a try.

After receiving the product and putting it to use, I found it quite satisfactory. It seemed like it could hold up to six cards, but five looked more comfortable. I’m currently carrying only five cards, preparing for situations where I might need to add more.

There’s a small pocket inside the wallet where you can fit about three business cards comfortably. While it may be insufficient for carrying a large number of business cards at once, it seems suitable for carrying three conveniently.

There’s also space for cash, although I rarely need to carry cash these days. However, it might be good to have a little cash on hand for situations where it’s needed.

“A Handkerchief was Sent as a Gift”

I purchased the product from Coupang, and the seller included a handkerchief as a gift. The handkerchief had a handwritten message. While it’s a small detail, it adds a touch of joy to everyday life.

Overall, it’s a product with a design that seems easy to use, and the price is not too burdensome, making it suitable for light use.

“Coupang: Men’s Slide Card Wallet K-PRO 2.0”