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Kyoto Station General Store “Don Quijote Kyoto Avanti Store”

In Japan, you can find a general store named Don Quijote. It offers a unique shopping experience, different from general stores in Korea. With various items packed into narrow spaces, it feels like a treasure hunt.

From household goods to clothing, medicines, food, electronics, souvenirs, and more, Don Quijote is a distinctive general store where you can find a wide range of products all in one place.

“Don Quijote Selling Various Items”

When visiting Japan, you’ll encounter people purchasing various medicines and souvenirs at this store. Tourists in Japan can enjoy tax exemption if they buy items worth over 5,000 yen, making Don Quijote a great place for duty-free shopping.

Don Quijote provides a variety of goods in one place, making it a convenient location for duty-free shopping.

“Don Quijote Near Kyoto Station”

The final night in Kyoto was approaching. Since the Starbucks in front of Kyoto Station closed at 10:00 PM, I needed to find another place to spend time. Upon exploring the vicinity, I noticed that the Don Quijote store was open until late, so I decided to visit.

“Don Quijote Near Kyoto Station Smaller Than Other Stores”

However, the Don Quijote store near Kyoto Station wasn’t as large in scale. Due to its smaller size, the variety of items available was limited, leaving me somewhat disappointed. One highlight was the “Coca-Cola Kyoto Edition,” a special Coca-Cola available only in Kyoto.

“Many Halloween Items at Don Quijote”

In Japan, Halloween is celebrated more passionately compared to Korea. As Halloween was approaching, Don Quijote had various Halloween-themed items in stock. Japan seems to embrace Western culture more actively in this regard compared to Korea.

“Japan Kyoto, Don Quijote Near Kyoto Station”