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Incheon Yeongjong Island Hotel ‘Air Sky Hotel’

On the coastline facing Wolmido, Yeongjong Island in Incheon offers various hotels. Positioned not far from Incheon Airport and providing access to Wolmido via a ferry from the pier, it is a popular destination for weekend stays.

“A 4-star Hotel Found on Yeongjong Island, Incheon”

The Air Sky Hotel is a 4-star hotel you can find on Yeongjong Island, close to Incheon Airport. While it isn’t directly adjacent to the airport, it is situated in a relatively tranquil area. As public transportation might be less convenient in this area, it’s advisable to take a dedicated bus or taxi from Incheon Airport. However, it offers the opportunity to enjoy the serene coastal views of Yeongjong Island.

“Hotel Rooms with Incheon Oceanfront, Ocean View”

One of the significant advantages of the Air Sky Hotel on Yeongjong Island is the opportunity to enjoy an ocean view of Incheon right from your hotel room. The hotel is not right next to the Incheon Sea, but it provides a relatively quiet spot to appreciate the coastal scenery.

In front of the Air Sky Hotel is Yeongjongjin Park, complementing the hotel’s setting with a park and seaside views. Yeongjongjin Park features a seaside walking trail, and you can find attractions like Yeongjong History Museum and Yeongjong Seaside Railbike nearby, making it an excellent location for a peaceful seaside stroll.

Of course, the most significant advantage is being able to appreciate these views directly from the hotel rooms.

“Wolmido-bound Passenger Terminal Near the Hotel”

The hotel is also close to the Wolmido-bound passenger terminal. If spending time on Yeongjong Island becomes repetitive, you can take a ferry from the pier to Wolmido. You can explore various attractions near Wolmido, such as Songwoldong Fairy Tale Village, Chinatown, and Incheon’s historic harbor area, by moving slightly eastward from Wolmido.

“Surrounding Restaurants Selling Seafood”

Being located by the seaside, it’s easy to find restaurants selling seafood in the vicinity. During my two-night stay at this location, I had the opportunity to have seafood-inclusive meals daily. Also, due to the abundant seafood in the coastal area, the prices are relatively reasonable.

“A 2-night 3-day Stay with U.S. Department of State Scholars”

The reason for staying at this location was to conduct an orientation for scholarship students dispatched from the United States before officially starting the program in Korea. After conducting a comprehensive 2-night, 3-day orientation with presentations in the hotel’s banquet hall, we moved to Seoul on the last day for the official program.

The banquet hall was located in the hotel’s basement, although the floor designation suggested otherwise. The space was spacious, providing a comfortable environment for the orientation.

The U.S. Department of State scholarship students who were with us also seemed to appreciate the hotel’s scenic views and clean facilities.

This place is excellent for stays when departure times from Incheon Airport are inconvenient or when you want to briefly leave Seoul’s city center and spend time with nature.

“Incheon Yeongjong Island, Air Sky Hotel”