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Kyoto City Center Hotel – “Kanra Hotel Kyoto”

For this trip, we chose to stay at the “Kanra Hotel Kyoto” in Kyoto. As it was a trip with my parents, it was essential to book a decent hotel. The location of Kanra Hotel, situated near Kyoto Station in the heart of Kyoto’s downtown, made it convenient to access various attractions in Kyoto. Therefore, we decided to stay here, ensuring easy travel to any destination in Kyoto.

Although it is classified as a 4-star hotel and not overly large in scale, the service was excellent and satisfactory. Particularly noteworthy were the rooms, decorated in a traditional Japanese tatami concept, which left a lasting impression.

“Clean Atmosphere at Kanra Hotel Kyoto”

Kanra Hotel Kyoto boasts a favorable location. It is situated close enough to Kyoto Station that you can walk there, making public transportation somewhat unnecessary. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to walk from Kyoto Station to the hotel.

The overall atmosphere of the hotel is remarkably neat and exudes an upscale ambiance from the entrance. Throughout the trip, we were able to enjoy a luxurious atmosphere while spending time at the hotel.

“Lounge on the 1st Floor”

On the first floor, there is a lounge that doubles as a cafe and a bar. Before the evening hours, it functions as a cafe where you can order and enjoy coffee or tea. They also offer complimentary coffee, with coffee pots available for self-service. This added a pleasant touch to our stay.

“A Room with a Japanese Vibe”

While Kanra Hotel is a hotel, it gives off a feeling more akin to staying in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). The guest rooms, though not overly spacious, were well-maintained and had a clean appearance.

The ambiance of the hotel differed somewhat from typical Western-style hotels. It was infused with elements of our culture, featuring low tables and chairs. These details effectively contributed to creating an atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of Kyoto.

“Hotel Breakfast: 2nd Floor Basement”

Breakfast at the hotel was served on the second floor basement. During our two-night stay, the breakfast menu remained consistent, with slight variations. The selection ranged from Western to Eastern dishes, providing a diverse and satisfying morning meal each day. Thanks to the hearty breakfasts, we were able to maintain our energy levels throughout the trip.

Although the breakfast venue was located in the basement, the atmosphere was subtly luxurious. Additionally, there was a serving robot on the first day, efficiently clearing empty dishes placed on it. However, on the second day, the robot seemed to be out of order, and staff members manually cleared the tables.

Overall, Kanra Hotel Kyoto provided a clean atmosphere and excellent service. Its central location near Kyoto Station made it a convenient and enjoyable place to stay.

“Kyoto Hotel: Kanra Hotel Kyoto”

  • Address: 190 Kitamachi, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8176, Japan
  • Phone: +81753443815
  • Website: Kanra Hotel Kyoto
  • Agoda Reservation: Link