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Nando Kim “Trend Korea 2014”

Kim Nando was once a hugely popular author whose best-selling books, “To be sick is to be young” and “To be shaken a thousand times is to become an adult.” He was welcomed by the public because his books fit the “healing” concept that boomed in the 2010s.

Nando Kim is a professor at Seoul National University’s Department of Consumer Affairs, and to capitalize on his experience, the university publishes a book called “Trend Korea” every year.

“Trend Korea 2014, with Prof. Nando Kim’s name as the title”

Due to the popularity of Prof. Kim Nando, the publication of “Trend Korea” takes the form of including his name and photo on the pages of the book. However, although the book is actually co-authored by Kim Nando, Jeon Mi-young, Lee Hyang-eun, Lee Joon-young, Lee Seo-young, and Choi Ji-hye, it seems to be representative because Kim Nando is the one whose face and name are known to the public.

“Trend Korea 2014 summarizes the trends of 2013”

The book summarizes the trends that hit the year. It takes the form of summarizing the trends of 2013 and predicting the upcoming trends in 2014.

First of all, the book summarizes the trends of 2013 as follows. Using their own sense of naming, they summarize 10 trends that were popular in 2013.

  1. City of Hysteria: The city of the lunatic fringe
  2. OTL… Nonsense!: The Age of Nonsense
  3. Bravo, Scandimon: Scandinavian moms are coming.
  4. Redefined ownership: ownership or enjoyment
  5. Alone with lounging : lounging alone
  6. Taste your life out: empire of flavors
  7. Whenever U want: the loss of the season
  8. It’s detox time: It’s detox time
  9. Surviving burn-out society: Surviving burn-out society
  10. Trouble is welcomed: proper inconvenience

Looking at the overall mood of 2013, personalization has intensified compared to the past, and so-called “blunt statements” rather than paraphrasing have become the norm.

In addition, rather than obsessing over “possession,” people focused more on “direct use or experience,” which is represented by the word “enjoyment.” It was in this wave that shows such as restaurants and food shows became popular.

“Detox” also became a topic of interest. In 2013, we saw the rise of energy drinks, as more and more people were taking care of their bodies and taking care of their health, and the rise of the energy drink trend, as people were working harder and harder, and playing harder and harder.

“What are the keywords for 2014?”

Books often predict trends for the future that are yet to come. Similar to the summary of 2013, the trends for 2014 are organized and analyzed based on keywords. Here are the top 10 trends for 2014 according to the book.

  1. Dear, got swag?: The irresistible lightness of swag
  2. Answer is in your body : The answer is in your body
  3. Read between the ultra-niches: Find the gaps between the ultra-niches
  4. Kiddie 40s : 어른아이 40s
  5. Hybrid Patchworks : Hybrid Patchworks
  6. Organize your platform: spread out the ‘board’
  7. Reboot everything: Reinterpretation of interpretation
  8. Surprise me, guys!: scheduled coincidence
  9. Eyes on you, eyes on me: the age of voyeurism, the counterattack of the ‘Small Brothers’
  10. Say it straight : Say it straight

These are the trends of 2014 that are analyzed in the book. At some point, the word “swag” became fashionable. It is a phenomenon that is also known as “ganji,” and we expected that people would pursue “cool” more and more.

In addition, we thought that more and more people would pay attention to their bodies and health. The shift to the “ultra-niche” market, which is beyond the norm and tailored to the individual, is also expected to accelerate.

It is also not lost on him that the 40-somethings, formerly known as Generation X, are now an established generation. In addition to the narrative that Generation X is different from the previous generation, it is also predicted that the direct expression represented by the “stone phrase” that was also popular in 2013 will be strengthened, such as the idea that not only big companies such as “Big Brother” are monitoring others, but that ordinary small citizens can also monitor others well enough.

The book “Trend Korea” is still published annually by Seoul National University and can be found in bookstores. It is a book that can help you look back on the past year and prepare for the new year through keywords. In particular, when I look back at the books I have organized in the past, I have different thoughts after 10 years. Things that I took for granted at the time, but as the years go by, I no longer take them for granted.

In that sense, the value of this book, which summarizes trends by keyword, is even more meaningful when looking back on the past year.

“Trends Korea 2014”

  • Author : Nando Kim, Miyoung Jeon, Hyang Eun Lee, Joon Young Lee, Seo Young Kim, Jihye Choi
  • Publication date : November 19, 2013
  • ISBN13 : 9788959892525
  • Yes24 : http://app.ac/GEruAKS23