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Jeju Island’s Exclusive Ice Cream Bar: ‘Dodjakdaegi’

The ice cream bar, Dodjakdaegi, is a product released by Lotte Food (formerly Lotte Samgang). It is an ice cream in the form of a rectangular bar, covered with crushed chocolate biscuits on the outside, and filled with vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup inside. It’s a quite popular product that can be found all over the country.

“Exclusive to Jeju Island: Dodjakdaegi?”

While you can taste the regular pig-shaped ice cream bars elsewhere, Jeju Island offers its own limited edition version called “Dodjakdaegi.” The name is a compound of the Jeju dialect words “dod,” meaning pig, and “jakdaegi,” meaning trotters.

This product was born as the winner of a consumer idea contest and was awarded the “Beyond Imagination (Outstanding and Highly Creative Idea)” prize in the Chef Dodjang Ice Cream Idea Contest.

Dodjakdaegi has some differences compared to the traditional pig-shaped ice cream bar. It combines peanuts, centennial plant jam, and crunchy bits. It’s worth noting that peanuts are famous on Udo, an island next to Jeju, and centennial plant is renowned on Jeju Island.

“Where to Find Dodjakdaegi?”

You can find Dodjakdaegi at convenience stores on Jeju Island. Personally, I happened to come across it while purchasing snacks at a convenience store in Seogwipo for the hotel.

If you visit Jeju Island, it’s a unique local specialty that you can enjoy for fun. Dodjakdaegi is a product that you can taste exclusively in Jeju Island, making it a special treat for visitors to the island.