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Incheon Yeongjong Island ‘Yeongjongjin Park’

Situated at the eastern tip of Yeongjong Island, where Incheon International Airport is located, is the small yet charming ‘Yeongjongjin Park.’ This city-themed park on Incheon’s Yeongjong Island encompasses various themes, including a seaside path, cultural square, and walking trails.

“Seaside Walking Paths for Enjoying the Ocean”

Yeongjongjin Park is designed right by the sea, featuring a seaside walking path that allows visitors to stroll while enjoying the ocean view. The park boasts a 600m long walking path, including a forest kindergarten suitable for children to play in.

Within the park, you can find the restored Taepyeongnu, a fortress wall, and a memorial for the soldiers who lost their lives during the Unyo-ho Incident caused by a Japanese warship in the Chosun Dynasty.

“Yeongjongjin History Museum”

The park houses the Yeongjongjin History Museum, providing an opportunity to experience the history and cultural life of Yeongjong Island from the prehistoric era to the present.

Near the park, there’s a ferry terminal where you can catch a boat to Wolmido, and you can stroll along the seaside, appreciating the views of the ocean, making it an ideal route for a date. There are dolmens and pottery models with comb-pattern designs, serving as a photo zone that commemorates the prehistoric era. You can also enjoy the night view of Wolmido, the sunset over the Incheon Bridge, and even the sunrise.

“Yeongjong Seaside Railbike”

Close by, there’s a railbike operation, and with a city bus stop in front of the Yeongjong History Museum, the park is easily accessible.

“Conveniently Located Park Near Hotels”

Around Yeongjongjin Park, you can find various hotels. I stayed at the Air Sky Hotel, visiting to conduct orientation for U.S. Department of State scholarship students. During breaks, I observed students exploring Yeongjongjin Park. They seemed quite pleased with the scenic beauty of Yeongjong Island, adding to the overall positive experience.

Offering a different atmosphere than Seoul, this park allows you to savor the unique charm of Incheon and the vastness of the sea.

“Incheon Yeongjong Island, Yeongjongjin Park”

  • Address: 1952-5 Jungsan-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon