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Seogwipo Hotel: Hotel Bridge Seogwipo

For this Jeju Island trip, I booked accommodation in Seogwipo. Personally, I prefer spending time in the southern part of Jeju Island, Seogwipo, over Jeju City. There are plenty of options for accommodations like hotels, and they offer good value for the price. You can find many hotels with excellent facilities at reasonable prices.

“Jeju, Seogwipo Hotel: Hotel Bridge Seogwipo”

This time, I stayed at “Hotel Bridge Seogwipo,” which cost 23,942 KRW for one night. Since two of us shared the room, it came out to about 12,000 KRW per person, making it an affordable stay considering the excellent condition of the facilities. Of course, not all hotels are always this affordable. We visited during the off-peak season, which allowed us to enjoy a 4-star hotel at a budget-friendly rate.

The room was clean and spacious with two single beds, providing ample space without feeling cramped.

“Balcony for Added Enjoyment”

We arrived in the evening, so we only had a chance to see the bedroom and bathroom. However, the next morning, we discovered there was a balcony we could use. Enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony while taking in the view was quite pleasant. It was nice to be able to breathe in the fresh morning air of Jeju Island.

“A Variety of Convenient Facilities in the Hotel”

The hotel also offers various convenient facilities. While it may not always be easy to make use of these amenities during travels, having them available is better than not.

There was a small fitness center in the basement for those looking to stay active. On the rooftop, there was a space where you could relax and enjoy an ocean view.

“Almost Missed Out on Parking Space”

However, there was a slight disappointment regarding the limited parking spaces inside the building. Perhaps it was due to our late arrival, but the parking lot was full. Fortunately, there was another parking space not far from the hotel, allowing us to park there and walk a bit to complete the check-in process.

This hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, provided excellent value for money. It offered a satisfying stay at an affordable price.

“Jeju Island Seogwipo: Hotel Bridge Seogwipo”