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Jeju Airport Duty-Free Shop: Kakao Friends Shop

Even when boarding a domestic flight in Jeju Island, you can shop at the duty-free stores on your way back. This is because Jeju Airport also holds the status of an international airport. During this recent trip to Jeju, after completing the boarding process and while waiting for my flight, I had the opportunity to do some light shopping.

“Jeju Airport Duty-Free Shop: JDC Duty-Free”

JDC Duty-Free was still operating as usual. While not particularly large, it primarily featured products like cosmetics and accessories.

Since I knew I needed to purchase cosmetics anyway, being able to buy them at a discounted price during my trip in Jeju was a great advantage. Although there weren’t any major noticeable changes from my previous visit, I did notice a particular area where a lot of people were gathered.

“Jeju Airport Duty-Free Shop: Kakao Friends”

At the Jeju Airport Duty-Free Shop, I also came across a Kakao Friends section. They had limited edition products that were exclusive to Jeju Island, which caught the attention of many.

Considering that I hadn’t been able to purchase a suitable souvenir to commemorate my trip to Jeju, I decided to stop by Kakao Friends and buy some products related to Jeju Island as mementos.

Now that I think about it, I don’t recall seeing Kakao Friends at the Jeju Airport Duty-Free Shop in the past. It seems like the duty-free shop at the airport is gradually evolving. Thanks to this, I was able to commemorate my trip to Jeju with some Jeju tangerines that Chun-sik harvested.

“Jeju Airport JDC Duty-Free Shop: Kakao Friends”

  • Address: 2 Gonghang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, South Korea (Zip Code: 63115)
  • Operating Hours: 6:20 AM – 9:20 PM
  • Website: Kakao Friends Store