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Hong Kong Tung Chung Station Mall, Citygate Outlets

Hong Kong’s Tung Chung Station is a bustling area located in the Lantau Island region. While it may not have skyscrapers densely packed like in downtown Hong Kong, it’s an area where you can still find several high-rise buildings.

Compared to downtown Hong Kong, this area offers a relatively serene countryside view, and that’s why there are large outlets located here. It’s somewhat similar to the large outlets you can find in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

“Hong Kong Tung Chung Station Mall, Citygate Outlets”

At Hong Kong Tung Chung Station, you can find Citygate Outlets. This is a large shopping mall in Hong Kong, where you can shop at outlet-style stores offering products at affordable prices.

However, this visit wasn’t primarily for shopping, so it didn’t hold much significance for me. Since my purpose for visiting this place was to board transportation to Ngong Ping Village and Lantau Island, I decided to head there.

“A Considerable-Sized Mall”

Citygate Outlets turned out to be larger in scale than I had anticipated. The complex consisted of several buildings, and as a first-time visitor, finding my way around inside the buildings wasn’t easy.

“Various Shops and Restaurants in the Outlet”

Due to its considerable size, Citygate Outlets featured a variety of shops and restaurants. Personally, the most important reason for my visit was to have a meal.

Before exploring Ngong Ping Village and Lantau Island, I needed to have a meal, and it seemed more convenient to do so near Tung Chung Station rather than at the airport.

However, with a multitude of dining options available, it wasn’t easy to decide where to eat.

“Mart in Citygate Outlets, Taste Mart”

Upon going down to the basement level, I found a mart inside. It was somewhat similar to department stores operating marts in their basement levels.

I could find a mart called “Taste Mart,” which gave me the opportunity to take a look at a Hong Kong mart. Due to its considerable size, I could browse through various products available in Hong Kong.

Initially, I planned to just take a quick look around, but once inside, the scale was so large that I could explore various products in different areas.

There was even a “Korean Corner” in the mart. It was refreshing to see Korean products being sold in a Hong Kong mart.

This is an outlet in the city near Hong Kong Airport where local residents can enjoy shopping at an affordable price. It’s more of a place for locals to visit for leisure rather than a destination for travelers.

“Hong Kong Lantau Island, Tung Chung Station Citygate Outlets”