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Hong Kong Airport – Tung Chung Station, S1 Bus

After completing the Asiana Airlines early check-in at Hong Kong Airport, I headed to “Tung Chung Station,” the starting point to visit Ngong Ping Village and Tai O Village, my final destinations.

There are various ways to get from Hong Kong Airport to Tung Chung Station, but taking a bus is the most common. While I could have taken a taxi, as I was traveling alone and had plenty of time, I opted for the bus without rushing.

“Taking the Bus from Hong Kong Airport to Tung Chung Station”

There are several bus routes from Hong Kong Airport to Tung Chung Station, and I chose the “S1” bus. Finding the bus stop at the airport was not difficult.

The airport is divided into Terminal 1 to the west and Terminal 2 to the east, with the central road serving as the reference point. The central building houses the “AEL” station, which is the Airport Express Line.

Right below the AEL station, there is a road accessible to vehicles, and the bus stop is located there. Thanks to clear signage, finding the bus stop was easy.

“S1 Bus Stop”

Looking at the S1 bus route, it seemed to take a slightly roundabout route rather than heading directly to Tung Chung Station. It involved passing through “AsiaWorld-Expo” before reaching Tung Chung Station.

While it seemed quite close in terms of distance, it took a considerable amount of time when actually traveling. Google Maps estimated about 30 minutes, and it indeed took that long.

As I continued along the road on the bus, I entered an area filled with high-rise buildings, and this was precisely Tung Chung Station.

“Tung Chung Station, Citygate Outlets 1st Floor, Bus Stop”

At Tung Chung Station, you can find Citygate Outlets. On the 1st floor of the outlets, you can find the bus stop, where you should disembark.

The return bus to the airport also boards from the same location. It operates in a circular bus route.

Since it was my first time taking a bus in the Lantau Island area of Hong Kong, I was a bit nervous, but fortunately, I arrived at my destination safely without any issues.

“Hong Kong Lantau Island, Hong Kong Airport Bus Stop”