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Hong Kong Tung Chung Station, Chicken and Rice Noodle Restaurant ‘Teawood’

Before exploring Ngong Ping Village and Tai O Village near Hong Kong’s Tung Chung Station, I had a meal. Near Tung Chung Station, you can find “Citygate Outlets,” where you can explore various restaurants inside the building.

Among them, there were places where people were lining up to eat. After contemplating where to dine, I decided to have a meal at a restaurant called ‘Teawood.’

“Reservation System with Different Queue Numbers Based on Group Size”

Most of the restaurants in Hong Kong’s Citygate Outlets provide a machine to issue queue numbers. What was impressive was that they issued different queue numbers based on the number of people waiting.

There were separate queue numbers for groups of 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. Since I was traveling alone, I chose a queue number for 1-2 people and waited. The wait wasn’t long, but surprisingly, the line didn’t move as quickly as expected, making me a bit anxious. The departure time for the bus to Ngong Ping Village was approaching, and I started to wonder if I might have to give up on the meal.

“30 Minutes Before Bus Departure, a Seat Became Available”

Just as I was considering giving up on dining here and quickly grabbing something else to eat, a seat became available with 30 minutes left before the bus departure.

Since a seat became available, it left me in a bit of a dilemma regarding whether or not to have a meal. I tried to place my order as quickly as possible and waited for the food to arrive. (Fortunately, I could review the menu while waiting, so I could place my order before being seated.)

“A Unique Rice Noodle Set with Chicken and Noodles Together”

The dish I ordered that day was a rice noodle set with chicken and noodles served together. In Korea, it’s rare to have chicken and rice noodles together, so I found this unique set composition quite impressive and decided to order it.

However, the rice noodles had coriander in them, and the distinctive aroma of coriander was so strong that it made it a bit challenging to eat. (While coriander in Korea is not as strong-smelling and is tolerable, coriander in Southeast Asia is still a bit challenging for me.)

“Finishing the Meal Quickly and Moving on to the Next Location”

Due to the tight schedule, I had no choice but to finish the meal quickly, more with the sense of resolving the meal rather than savoring it. After practically finishing at the speed of light, I had to move on to the next destination.

The store not only served meals but also sold tea. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to taste the tea and had to leave without trying it.

“Hong Kong Tung Chung Station, Citygate Outlets, Teawood”

  • Address: Shop G24, G/F, Citygate Outlets, 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung Lantau Island, Hong Kong
  • Phone Number: +852 2572 1198
  • Website: http://www.teawood.hk
  • Operating Hours: 11:30 – 22:30