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Getting to Sentosa Island in Singapore

In the southern part of Singapore, you can find another island called “Sentosa.” This place gained significant recognition as the location for the North Korea-United States summit, where Kim Jong-un and President Trump held their historic meeting. Sentosa is an island getaway and a prominent resort destination in Singapore, hosting various resorts and serving as a leisure hub.

“Sentosa Island in Singapore”

The name “Sentosa” translates from Malay to mean “peace” and “tranquility.” It has been known by this name since the 1970s. Before that, it was called “Pulau Belakang Mati,” which translates to “Island of Death from Behind,” possibly due to pirate activities in the region, leading to bloody incidents and piracy.

However, Sentosa has transformed into a prime vacation spot with numerous attractions, activities, and hotels offering stunning views of Sentosa Island’s beautiful beaches.

“Ways to Enter Sentosa Island in Singapore”

Several methods can be used to access Sentosa Island in Singapore, including:

  1. Walking In: Though the cheapest, walking is not recommended due to the considerable time and Singapore’s hot weather.
  2. Cable Car Entry: The most extreme and expensive method is taking a cable car. To board the cable car, find “Singapore Cable Car” at Harbour Front. Different fares apply for various routes, but an all-access pass is also available for approximately SGD 33.
  3. Transportation Services – Taxi, Uber, Grab: Taxis, Uber, Grab, or similar services can bring you to Sentosa Island. These are alternative transportation methods to consider.
  4. Using Monorail: Monorail is another option, where the fare is only charged when entering Sentosa Island from Singapore. Inside Sentosa, it’s free. If staying in a Sentosa hotel or resort, proof of reservation allows free entry. (Monorail Stations : Sentosa – Waterfront – Imbiah – Beach)

The closest MRT (subway) station to Vivo City, where Sentosa Monorail is located, is Harbour Front. Additionally, Sentosa offers free transportation within the island, which was discussed earlier.