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Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Amidst the global attention received during the North Korea–United States summit held on Sentosa Island, Singapore, this island stands out as a premier resort destination, encompassing approximately one-third of the entire area with resorts, hotels, and amusement parks, allowing visitors to appreciate Singapore’s coastal landscapes.

Palawan Beach in Singapore

While both Siloso and Palawan beaches beckon exploration, time constraints led to choosing one. This time, the selected destination was Palawan Beach.

Accessing Palawan Beach is straightforward. Ride the monorail, disembark at the last station, “Beach,” and then board the complimentary “Beach Tram” for seamless transportation.

Asia’s Mainland, Southernmost Tip

Palawan Beach not only offers captivating views but also features a distinctive site — the “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.” Located on a small island in the middle of Palawan Beach, reaching this marker requires crossing a suspension bridge.

During this journey, I could only capture distant photos of this unique location as I wasn’t aware of its existence at the time of my visit to Palawan Beach. This experience underscores the importance of pre-travel research for discovering such hidden gems. With a tinge of regret, I share this travelogue, vowing to explore the Southernmost Point on my next visit.

Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore