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“Dragon Ball Theme Park Construction” in Saudi Arabia

Recent revelations, as seen through BBC News, unveil an intriguing story underway in Saudi Arabia.

Plans are in motion to establish a theme park based on the globally renowned Japanese anime “Dragon Ball.” This will mark the world’s first amusement park centered around the “Dragon Ball” theme.

Located in the vicinity of the capital Riyadh, specifically in “Qiddiya,” the park is set to feature a 70m (229.6ft) tall dragon at its core, along with a minimum of 30 rides.

This endeavor signifies a long-term strategic partnership between Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) and Toei Animation, the Japanese studio behind “Dragon Ball.” According to the official “Dragon Ball” website, the park will also include a roller coaster inspired by the dragon Shenron, known for granting wishes in the franchise.

This project stands as a significant entertainment and tourism venture near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It reflects efforts not only to rely on the country’s wealth of fossil fuels, primarily represented by oil, but also as part of economic diversification plans.

“Dragon Ball,” originating in 1984, follows the adventures of a boy named Son Goku in his quest to collect the mystical Dragon Balls, capable of granting wishes. It is revered as a legendary work in Japanese manga and animation. However, the creator of “Dragon Ball,” Akira Toriyama, passed away some time ago.

“Saudi Arabia’s Economic Diversification Beyond Fossil Fuels”

Since Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman assumed power, Saudi Arabia has undergone significant transformations. It seeks to diversify its economy beyond its traditional reliance on oil and embrace future prospects.

Efforts such as Neom aim to create entirely new forms of cities, combining various entertainment elements to birth innovative urban centers. By acquiring global stars like Ronaldo for Middle Eastern football leagues, Saudi Arabia is broadening its influence even in the sports arena.

It feels like a transformation driven by the so-called “oil money,” gradually reshaping the entire country from its previously closed-off demeanor to an increasingly open atmosphere. With such changes underway, there’s anticipation for what lies ahead for Saudi Arabia. It’s also a reminder for countries like ours not to miss out on such opportunities and explore ways to grow alongside them.

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