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Kyoto, Nishiki Market – The Kitchen of Kyoto (2023)

After exploring Kiyomizu-dera, we headed to Nishiki Market for our evening meal. On our way down from Kiyomizu-dera, we opted for a taxi, and fortunately, we found one that could accommodate all five of us at once. Although the taxi fare was relatively high, splitting it among five people made it quite manageable.

As soon as we boarded the taxi, a heavy shower began. Thankfully, being inside the taxi shielded us from the rain, allowing us to reach our destination safely.

“Nishiki Market – The Kitchen of Kyoto”

Our chosen spot for dinner was Nishiki Market, often referred to as the Kitchen of Kyoto. This traditional market boasts a history of over 400 years and stretches approximately 390 meters along its alley.

The market offers a diverse range of food, from ready-to-eat snacks to various ingredients. Particularly noteworthy are the pickled side dishes, famous in Kyoto, which you can find in several stalls throughout the market.

“Covered Ceilings for All-Weather Shopping”

One notable feature of Nishiki Market is its fully covered ceilings, providing a convenient shopping experience even on rainy days. On the day of our visit, it was indeed raining, but the well-maintained market allowed us to explore comfortably without getting wet.

“A Market Offering Various On-the-Spot Foods”

The nickname “Kitchen of Kyoto” suits Nishiki Market well, as it continuously features a multitude of restaurants selling a wide variety of foods. Ranging from meats to seafood and side dishes, the market showcases an array of culinary delights.

I recall seeing this market featured on a travel show called “Battle Trip,” where individuals explored various foods and spent considerable amounts. Despite being a market, the prices of the food are not exceptionally cheap, so it’s advisable to be mindful of your budget.

Apart from food, there are also shops selling various souvenirs, tools, and other items, adding to the diverse offerings of the market.

While we did visit Nishiki Market during this trip, our stay was relatively short. Instead of sampling market food, we decided to choose a restaurant, considering that many places had long queues, likely due to it being a Saturday. Opting for a restaurant with a relatively shorter line allowed us to enjoy our meal more efficiently.

Even if you don’t try the food at the market, it’s still a place worth exploring at least once. You’ll understand why Nishiki Market is dubbed the Kitchen of Kyoto.

“Kyoto, Japan – Nishiki Market”

  • Address: 609 Nishidaimonjicho, Shijo-agaru, Teramachi, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8054, Japan
  • Phone: +81 75-211-3882
  • Opening Hours: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Website: Nishiki Market Official Website