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Duty-Free Shops at Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1

After completing the departure procedures and baggage check at Hong Kong Airport, I finally gained access to the duty-free area. My journey was gradually approaching its final stages.

For my return flight on this trip, I also used Asiana Airlines. Asiana Airlines operates at Hong Kong Airport Terminal 1.

“Duty-Free Shops at Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1”

After completing departure procedures at Hong Kong Airport, I had to take a train to get to the boarding gate. However, since I still had plenty of time before boarding, I decided to explore the duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport.

The duty-free shop I visited this time was located in Terminal 1 of Hong Kong Airport. Hong Kong Airport is known as a major hub in Asia, and the duty-free area was quite extensive.

“Operating Hours of Duty-Free Shops at Hong Kong International Airport”

The operating hours of duty-free shops at Hong Kong International Airport vary by terminal. Among the terminals, Terminal 1 is larger and has longer operating hours. The operating hours for duty-free shops by terminal are as follows:

  • Terminal 1: 7:00 – 23:00
  • Terminal 2: 8:30 – 21:00

“You Can Also Find Disney Souvenir Shops in Duty-Free Areas”

Disney souvenir shops can be found throughout Hong Kong Airport. They can be spotted both before entering the duty-free area and after entering. If you use Terminal 1, you can find a Disney souvenir shop inside the duty-free area, allowing you to make a last-minute souvenir purchase before leaving Hong Kong.

Even after taking a train to the boarding gate, I could still find nearby Disney souvenir shops. This shows that Disney souvenir shops are abundant throughout Hong Kong Airport. Although they are located within the duty-free area, the prices are not significantly different from those outside the duty-free area.

“Diverse Pharmacies, General Stores, and More in Duty-Free Shops”

Various stores can be found in the duty-free area of the airport. You can find stores commonly visited in Hong Kong, such as Mannings, as well as internationally renowned brands like Royce Chocolate.

I also came across a small store named “Discovery Hong Kong,” selling souvenirs related to Hong Kong. I was able to purchase a small refrigerator magnet to commemorate my trip to Hong Kong from Discovery Hong Kong. Although the price was unexpectedly high, I decided to go through with the purchase.

“Food Court Inside the Duty-Free Area”

You can also find a food court within the duty-free area. To use up the remaining cash, I visited the food court. The store offered a variety of food options.

At that time, I had HKD 57.2 left, and the cheapest item on the menu was HKD 58. I hesitated on what to do, but when I asked the lady at the counter if I could order the HKD 58 dish with only HKD 57.2 in cash, she casually accepted and handed me the food.

Thanks to this, I was able to use up all my Hong Kong dollars, leaving only 20 cents behind, and conclude my trip to Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong Lantau Island, Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1 Duty-Free Shops”

– Address: 1 Sky Plaza Rd, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

– Phone Number: +852 2181 8888

– Website: http://www.hongkongairport.com