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Hong Kong Travel Souvenir “White Flower Oil”

In Hong Kong, there is a famous souvenir known as “White Flower Oil.” White Flower Oil is a medicinal oil that, when applied to areas such as the neck, arms, or legs, provides a cooling effect and relief from discomfort.

Similar to Korea’s Maengso Radam Lotion, it is in the form of oil, setting it apart from the lotion.

“Tiger Balm? White Flower Oil?”

When visiting Southeast Asian countries, one often encounters another well-known souvenir, “Tiger Balm.” Tiger Balm is also a popular souvenir, and the main difference between the two lies in their form – White Flower Oil is a liquid, while Tiger Balm is a cream.

Both products offer similar effects, so the choice between them may depend on personal preference. If you prefer a cream, Tiger Balm may be the better option; if you prefer a liquid form, White Flower Oil is the choice.

“Effective for Muscle Pain, Such as Shoulder Pain”

White Flower Oil is especially effective for muscle pain. As a writer who spends a lot of time writing, I often have tense and stiff shoulders. Using White Flower Oil to massage and relieve tension quickly brings a refreshing feeling.

Purchasing White Flower Oil in Hong Kong can be more economical. It is available at duty-free shops in the local airport, costing around 58 HKD, which is approximately 8,500 won.

However, you can also purchase White Flower Oil in Korea. It is available on Coupang, with a price of 12,800 won for 20ml, slightly more expensive than purchasing it locally in Hong Kong.

It is also available on Amazon, where a pack of two 20ml bottles is sold for about $14.

You can find the product through the following links:

  • Coupang “White Flower Oil”: Link
  • Amazon “White Flower Oil”: Link