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Studio Ghibli Art Museum “One Sunny Day” Jigsaw Puzzle

In Tokyo, Japan, there is the “Studio Ghibli Art Museum,” an exhibition space showcasing masterpieces from Studio Ghibli animations.

Located in the Mitaka area of Tokyo, it’s essential to make an online reservation before visiting. Otherwise, entry is not allowed.

“Souvenirs from Studio Ghibli Art Museum”

The museum features various artworks, primarily focusing on the works of Hayao Miyazaki. Keep in mind that photography is not allowed inside the museum, so capturing memories is limited to the exterior.

After exploring the Studio Ghibli Art Museum, visitors can find a souvenir shop, which, surprisingly, is relatively small with a limited selection of items.

“Puzzle & Frame Featuring Studio Ghibli Art Museum”

Rather than opting for other souvenirs, some visitors deliberately set aside time to purchase museum-related memorabilia. One such item is a “puzzle” featuring the scenery of the Studio Ghibli Art Museum, available with an accompanying frame for just over 5,000 yen.

Comprising 352 pieces, the puzzle took nearly half a day to assemble due to its challenging nature with many similar colors.

You can purchase it online, although it tends to be relatively expensive through online channels. Nonetheless, for those seeking it, the product can be found on eBay. The link is provided below.

  • eBay “Studio Ghibli Art Museum: Forest of Mitaka”: Link