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Bluetooth Earphones “Sudio Niva”

Sudio is a company that creates earphones, speakers, and other products with a Nordic sensibility. Its headquarters are located in Sweden.

Today, let’s talk about an older product called “Sudio Niva,” which was one of Sudio’s initial entries into the world of fully wireless Bluetooth earphones.

“Sudio Niva: Sudio’s First Fully Wireless Bluetooth Earphones”

Sudio Niva is Sudio’s first attempt at creating fully wireless Bluetooth earphones. These earphones feature an in-ear canal design, marking Sudio’s debut in this product category.

Until then, wireless earphones typically had a connecting cable between the left and right earpieces.

An interesting feature of Sudio Niva was the ability to use the left and right earpieces independently. You could connect them separately to electronic devices such as smartphones as needed. (This feature has been consistently present in subsequent Bluetooth earphone releases.)

“Both Left and Right Earphones are SUDIO NIVA”

However, both the left and right earphones had the same name, which was a bit inconvenient. This limitation was addressed in later models, where the left earpiece had an added “L” designation for more convenient individual connections.

The initial product had some shortcomings, but these were addressed in subsequent models, showcasing the company’s commitment to improvement.

“Approximately 3.5 Hours of Playback Time”

Due to its status as an early model, the continuous usage time was a bit disappointing, offering around 3.5 hours. The case allowed for approximately four additional charges, but compared to today’s earphones, this was a relatively short playback time.

Of course, these early attempts paved the way for Sudio’s earphones to evolve over time.

This time, we looked at Sudio’s initial fully wireless Bluetooth earphone model, “Niva.” This product can be considered the forebearer of Sudio’s wireless earphones.

You can find this product on Coupang. Click the link below to view the product. However, considering the price, it might be more reasonable to invest in Sudio’s recent “T2” model. Please note that the link is for reference.