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Three Types of Taxis in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are three different types of taxis. Unlike in Korea, taxis in Hong Kong are distinguished by color. They are red, blue, and green.

Each type of taxi is designated for specific areas based on their color, and here’s a summary:

  1. Red Taxis: Operate in urban areas such as Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula.
  2. Blue Taxis: Operate exclusively on Lantau Island.
  3. Green Taxis: Serve only in the New Territories.

“Taxis in Hong Kong Differentiated by Color”

When thinking of Hong Kong, people typically picture red taxis. Red taxis are the most common as they primarily serve urban areas like Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula.

Blue taxis exclusively operate on Lantau Island, which is known for attractions like Disneyland, Ngong Ping Cable Car, and Tai O Fishing Village. It’s a bit further from the city center.

Green taxis, on the other hand, are designated for the New Territories region, which includes areas other than Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. This encompasses places like Lantau Island, including places like Lai Chi Wo, Kwai Chung, Pak Kong, Sha Tin, Tai Po, Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long, etc.

“Taxi Fare Varies by Color”

Each type of taxi has a different basic fare based on its color:

  1. Red Taxis: 22 HKD
  2. Blue Taxis: 17.50 HKD
  3. Green Taxis: 18.50 HKD

The basic fare covers the first 2 kilometers, and additional charges are applied every 200 meters or per minute. If the total fare is below 78 HKD, an extra 1.6 HKD is added. If it exceeds 78 HKD, an additional 1 HKD is added for each increment.

“Additional Charges for Taxis in Hong Kong”

In Hong Kong, if you have luggage that requires the trunk to be used, an extra charge is applied. Additionally, if you use the underwater tunnels connecting Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, there are additional fees. There are three tunnels, each with a different surcharge. Moreover, when traveling to Lantau Island, an extra fee is levied. Here are the additional charges:

  • Trunk luggage: 5 HKD per piece
  • Western Harbour Underwater Tunnel: 65 HKD
  • Cross Harbour Underwater Tunnel: 20 HKD
  • Eastern Harbour Underwater Tunnel: 40 HKD
  • Lantau Island: 30 HKD

Unlike taxis in Korea, there are no separate late-night surcharges for Hong Kong taxis.

“Taxi Pickup Locations”

Taxis in Hong Kong have specific designated locations for pickups, similar to Singapore and different from Korea. However, this rule is not always strictly adhered to. As a result, it’s sometimes possible to flag down a taxi on the street.

Still, the easiest places to catch a taxi are locations with taxi stands, such as hotels and airports.

With this information about unique taxis in Hong Kong, remember to choose the appropriate color taxi based on your destination. It will be helpful for your travels.