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The Parisian Macao Cotai Mall: Membership Registration

In the Cotai area of Macau, you can find various shopping malls, resorts, and hotels. Among them, “The Parisian” stands out as a large-scale complex inspired by the city of Paris, France.

As the time to conclude my trip in Macau was approaching, I decided to explore souvenir shops throughout the area to find items that resonated with me before wrapping up my journey.

“Souvenir Shop at The Parisian Macao”

In each of the major shopping malls and resorts, I could find souvenir shops. Similarly, at The Parisian, there was a dedicated space for souvenir shopping.

While the items in the souvenir shops weren’t particularly inexpensive, there were unique products available. Thanks to this, I purchased several souvenirs to remember this trip to Macau. Though I didn’t buy a large quantity, I spent a little over MOP 600 on souvenirs at The Parisian.

“A Chance Encounter with The Parisian Lotto Entry Sign”

After completing my souvenir shopping and enjoying a contented moment, I happened upon information regarding a lottery event inside the mall. It stated that those who spent over MOP 500 at The Parisian were eligible to participate in a lottery-like prize event. Coincidentally, I had just barely exceeded the minimum threshold, so I decided to try my luck before concluding my trip in Macau.

“Entering the Prize Event at the 5th-Floor Information Counter”

To participate in the prize event, I needed to locate the information counter on the 5th floor. However, it was situated in a somewhat secluded area, making it a bit challenging to find. After asking some nearby staff, I managed to confirm its location and proceeded to apply for the prize event.

“Involving WeChat, a Messenger App Similar to KakaoTalk”

To participate, I needed to sign up for “WeChat,” a messenger application similar to KakaoTalk commonly used in China. While I did have an account from a previous acquaintance in China, I had deleted it after not using it for a while. Unfortunately, during my Hong Kong-Macau trip, the SIM card I purchased didn’t work well in Macau, so I had to navigate without internet access. Attempting to download the app proved to be quite a challenge.

Despite trying to utilize the free Wi-Fi provided by The Parisian, the speed was too slow for a successful download. Eventually, a staff member at the information counter kindly set up a hotspot, allowing me to redownload the app and proceed with entering the lottery.

“After Installing WeChat, Entering the Prize Event”

Once WeChat was installed, the rest of the process was straightforward. The hotel staff took care of all the remaining details, including filling in my contact information and name. There was a section to input my contact number and passport details, but thankfully, the procedures were smooth, and my entry into the prize event was complete.

If, by chance, I were to win first prize, I would receive a staggering MOP 3,280,000. This is equivalent to over 400 million Korean Won.

In the event of a win, they would arrange to send the money no matter where in the world I was. While winning may not be easy, participating in such an event adds a unique charm to the travel experience.

Of course, in the end, I didn’t win the prize. Nothing extraordinary happened after the trip, but simply having this experience made my trip to Macau truly memorable.

“The Parisian Macao Cotai“